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My cat keeps throwing up!!!

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Hey everyone! My name is Leslie, and I am new here. I recently adopted my sweet little girl Layla from an animal shelter but she seems to be having some problems. About twice a week she will gag and throw up white foamy stuff. She doesn't act sick, like right after she vomits she wants to play and cuddle just like normal. I am just not sure what is wrong with her or if I need to worry! I would really appreciate any advice.
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Hey Leslie! I don't know what could be causing this but I am sure someone will be by to help you!
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What food is she eating?? brand and type( wet or dry)

is her dish flat?? is it elevated??

To be safe a visit to the vet should be made
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I feed her Science Diet brand dry food and Fancy Feast grilled wet food. I put the dry food in a ceramic bowl, and the wet food goes on a plate.
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How old and what were they eating before ..???

I would avoid a by product and corn heavy dry ( SD is VERY heavy)

Can you raise the bowl to shoulder ht( cats that is)
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She is a little over a year they said, but I am not sure. I also don't know what they were feeding her at the shelter...
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Has she been dewormed? Sometimes they will vomit the white foamy stuff when they have roundworms.
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Oh goodness! I think she has been, the shelter told me that she was up to dateon everything!! I am just going to have to take her to the vet I think...
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A vet visit is probably best to double check she is ok. Shelters will give all the necessary vaccinations and deworm them but you never know what they pick up.

As said above, try raising her food bowl, once of mine does that if I make him bend over to eat his food (the vet said it is basically like the bile in our stomachs that 'repeats' on us if we eat too fast or don't sit up when we eat etc)
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