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I cant sleep!

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I have been awake since 5am, but also got up at 3am, because of the cats. They keep jumping on and off the bed and lucky me is a light sleeper.

Not complaining, just giving myself something to do.

Kahu has now become such a confident cat, theres no stopping him! You know how kittens are all play and no rest!
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Hey Kellye,

I'm up to! Have been on and off all night.

How's everything with you today?

I'm contemplating staying home today but...I know I won't. Just the thought of a full day in my PJ's and both the boys in school is tempting but I have a lot of work waiting for me at the office.

Guess I'll go make myself a really strong cup of coffee and start my day.

Have a good one.

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I am okay, still got all that stuff on my mind, but the cats are taking care of me, by distracting me, which helps. I am also waiting for my mum or dad to come online as it is now midnight in NZ and I missed seeing Gabe, and so I want an update. The changes in time has made it harder to see each other as it is and I cannot wait for summer as it gets easier to get the times together to talk. I wish we were all on the same time zone.
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How are you feeling? Staying in your pjs doesnt sound like a bad idea. In New Zealand, people are allowed to have 'mental health days' in which you dont need to call in sick, just tell the boss exactly that and you get the day off to do whatever you want. Do they have that in the US and Canada?
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Actually, a strong coffee sounds good. Add a shot of whiskey My bad, I dont even drink the stuff! Now, I am going to make myself a coffee with toast (with vegemite on it! )
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Oooh...'mental health days' I don't think we have that in Canada. Unless you go on short-term disability. We have paid leave of absences for any stress/mental illness but not for just one day. I'd have used up a ton of those days this past little while!!!! :LOL:

I actually have a great boss who would not even blink an eye if I told him I needed to stay home. It would be an answer like "Not a problem, call me if you need anything". He's great. I just have a whole back log of work to do because I was off twice for a couple of days each time in the past 3 weeks due to a death in the family. I'm still trying to catch up.

Is your son's name Gabe??? Why did I think it was Jake??

Okay....I have to ask because everyone here talks about it. What is vegemite????
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Oh Kellye, alcohol......Nope. Can't do that. I'm still trying to recover from a bad night of drinking on December 14th. Have not gone near anything stronger than Diet Coke since! I was sick from satirday until monday morning.
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Gabe is my son, Jake is my hubby - Gabe's middle name is Jacob so it doesnt matter if you call him Jake either LOL

Vegemite is a spread that you can put on your toast, crackers, well anything really, its rather versatile, its australian but its also popular in NZ. Its a yeast extract. I reckon Bundylee can explain a whole lot better than I can LOL.
There is an australian cafe in this town and I buy my vegemite for $14 (In NZ< it costs about $2-3). It tastes good! I wish I had some samples to send! Americans dont like it for some reason
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Dont blame you. I dont drink myself, just the occassional red wine once in a while.
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I know I've read about vegemite alot here. And I may have already asked "What's that???" Just can't remember.

Red wine....I have another bad flash back with that too. Back when I was 18 or so and thought it was great that I could have a drink or two, or three.....
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Tikes...It's 7:09 and I am no way near being ready to head to work (I leave in 45 minutes) Plus....I have to get the boys ready for school.

Ooops! Guess I strayed from my normal morning routine.

Have a great morning. I have to hop at it!

I'll be back in a few hrs.
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