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Freaked out kitty

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My boyfriend and his roommate (Anonymous, don't know if he'd care if I used his name or not but to be on the safe side) are having a kitty issue that I'm not sure how to solve so I thought I'd post it here. Between the two of them there are five cats, Sadie, whose 9, Tika, whose 4, Maddie, whose 2, and then my boyfriend's kittens Thing one and Thing two who are both 4 months old. Sadie has started to lose fur on her tail and behind her ears, she tries to sneak outside all of the time (which is definitely not allowed since they live by a busy street and she's declawed in the front), wails constantly at night, pees and poops all over the house, to the point where it's staining the hardwood floors. (She's neutered so she's not in heat.)

She was an only cat until about a year, year and a half ago when Anonymous moved in with a girlfriend and got two cats. She lived with Maddie and Maddie's sister until the relationship went sour and the girlfriend moved out. The girlfriend took one cat and Anoymous took Maddie. Then Anonymous's sister moved into an apartment for the summer where she couldn't have a cat so Anonymous took Tika in. They moved into my boyfriend's house in May. My boyfriend took in the kittens in June. They've had the normal territory issues but nothing major. Sadie seemed to be doing okay with the situation until a couple of weeks ago. I think that she might have a medical issue and not a behavioral issue. Anonymous thinks it's just her getting fed up with the other cats. I want him to take her to the vet. My boyfriend wants to get her out of the house because she's ruining his floors. Anonymous just wants his cat back to normal. Do you think that it sounds like normal territorial behavior or something more sinister? TIA!
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Can you afford to offer to take her in yourself?
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I could when I get paid on Friday. I'm pretty sure if I can convince anonymous that she needs to go that he'll take her. He just really believes it's because of all the other kitties. I want him to take her to rule out any other causes since it's such a sudden change in her behavior.
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As it's a sudden change, you really do need to get her to a vet first.
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