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Kitten outside the box- read the help topics, but need more specifics

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About two weeks ago, we (my parents and I) adopted two kittens- littermates. Three days later, one died. They were both infected with distemper. The other, MacDuff, kept running and jumping and playing, so we assumed he was healthy and just resolved to keep a close watch on him. The first night we had him, MacDuff peed on the bed. The next week, after his brother had been dead for a few days, MacDuff peed on the bed. Three days ago, MacDuff peed on the bed. I didn't re-make the bed after washing the sheets, and he didn't pee on the bed again. (Note: his stuff- box, water bowl, toys, and food dish are all in the guest bedroom)

Friday, MacDuff's eyes started watering a lot, and I noticed some blood around his anus, so I immediately rushed him to the vet. Once there, the vet inspected him, said he was all right, but she was pretty sure he had a tapeworm. She gave me a vermifuge pill that I put in his food- he ate half of it and I've been trying to get him to eat the other half since Saturday afternoon. I asked her about the peeing on the bed, and she checked for a UTI. He does not have one. She suggested that he didn't like his litter, and that the dust of the litter may have been what was making his eyes gunk up.

I replaced his litter with what she suggested- Arm and Hammer low-dust. This morning I woke up to find that during the night, he had not only peed, but pooped on my parents bed! Luckily, my parents are out of town, so they didn't get that particular unpleasant surprise first thing in the morning. He had not used his new litter at all, so I went through the garbage for some of his old litter- even a little bit of used to throw in the box to help him regain the scent.

He's confined to his room right now and I'm not letting him out until I know he's using his box. I had theorized originally that it was stress from our very large dog, but Frieda sleeps in my parents room- she was in there sleeping when MacDuff used the bed as a toilet. His stool was fairly hard, even though I've been feeding him wet food- should I not feed him dry food for awhile? He's got a hopper of it in his room. Could it be because he's lonely? We're picking up another of his siblings (now out of quarantine) next week if that's the case. I don't keep him to sleep in my room because I recently finished re-decorating, and there are piles of things everywhere, so I was worried that he'd fall and hurt himself (he's a very small kitten) or get stuck where I wouldn't be able to reach him. Should I be trying to sleep in the guest room with him?

Right now, as I said, he's confined to the room. His litter box is not cleaned, as I put his accident and some old litter in his box for him to get the 'My waste' scent. There are no sheets on the bed- I covered the whole thing in slit garbage bags. He hasn't gone on the carpet yet, just bedding, so I made sure there wasn't any bedding in the room he could go on.

Is there anything else I can do?
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You can try sand instead of litter. You also can put him in the box when you wake up, or when he wakes up, before you leave, when you come home, after he eats, and before you go to bed. Then after he starts regularly using the box slowing mix in litter.
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