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Lump In Groin Area

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Hi Guys

Really hoping you can advise me here.

Humphrey has a lump in groin area and im starting to get concerned about it.

Its not huge, bout 1cm-1.5cm but it is solidish!

He is still eating and drinking but has become even more hypo than he previously was and also sleeping a lot more if that makes sense!!

its between his back legs in the groin/stomach area

When I last saw vet bout months ago it was there and she said it was more than likely going to turn out to be a fatty lump and nothing tho worry about, she said it was his "make up"

Do you think im getting worried for nothing

Hope you can help me out here dont want to pester the vet for just a lump thats in his "make up"!!!!


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**saw the vet about it roughly 4 months ago at his rountine check up**
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If it is a fatty mass between his rear legs, then it is simply what is called "spay sway," a fatty mass that is put there by nature. It protects the organs when a cat gets into a fight.

My Ferris has a great big, fairly solid fatty mass on his lower belly, enough to fill my cupped hand.

If the vet said that there is nothing to worry about, then really, you shouldn't worry.
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You say it's a "lump". I guess I'd want to know what you mean by lump. As explained above, a lot of us have cats with "spay sway" which is a sort of saggy sackish kind of fat belly that moves from side to side as they walk. If your cat has a "lump" as in hard lump, I would get another opinion or at the very least ask the vet if it is a spay sway or a lump.
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Ask the vet to do a needle biopsy and check the cells.
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Any update on this cat?
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