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Two New Grands!!

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I am delighted to announce that I now have two Grand Premiers in my house! Both Otto, the van, and Bailey, the Mau, granded this weekend in Philly. Otto granded in a long hair specialty ring; he had needed 6 more points and we all knew he probably would make it this show. Otto’s brother, DT, even came out with some points. He’s got about 15 points, so he’s well on his way.

Bailey, on the other hand, was a total shock! He came in with 38 points to go. The point accumulation had been slow since his eyes had been golden for so long. Well, sometime in the last two weeks, they FINALLY turned green, and the judges took notice! Ableson even gave him a best Allbreed!
I can’t stop smiling about this one.

With Bailey having done so well, I think I’m going really try to get him out there this year and see what he can do.

Naturally, I'll be getting Otto out there as well, but I won't expect too much. He's got a great expression and type, but as a whole, Vans just don't see much support in the CFA once they grand. Right now, he's either the first or second Van nationally in the Premiership, but unless I make sure I get to a lot of shows with speciality rings (where judges are forced to support vans), the success might be short lived. Luckily for Otto, there are three speciality rings at the VA show on the 7-8th!

And now, for some pics!

Otto and Judge Tracy Petty at the 8/12 show in Timonium.

Otto and Bailey resting after the first day of the 8/12 show.

Otto hanging out in his security cage.

Baily in the Security cage. (you can see his eyes are still golden here, and this was taken only a little over two weeks ago!!)

Otto's brother, DT, a Red Tabby Turkish Van.

DT again.

Otto giving me a beautiful profile shot. He's such a ham for the camera!
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What wonderful results for you!

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Wow - what a weekend - great job and congrats.

Hopefully Charlie will grand by the end of this season - we don't have a lot of shows to choose from (spliting between CFA and ACFA) - but I suspect he will Grand in ACFA first - he's half way there and has 2 shows by the end of this year
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Well done, Otto and Bailey!
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Congratulations Otto and Bailey
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Congrats on your Grands!
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