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a new kitten with an 11 year-old cat?

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Hello all,

I am so happy I found this forum!
Zoe (my kittie) is almost 11 years old and has been an "only child" for most of her life. There was a point when I was younger that my mom had two new kittens they were brother and sister and very much a little pack. It seemed OK for a while and then SOMEONE (we really never found out who) started peeing on the counter top allll the time. Regardless, my husband and I moved into our home and she was fine, and has been very happy. I have wanted to get another kitten but havn't becuase I don't want Zoe to be sad or angry, and I REALLY don't want her to pee on things (if she was the pee-er). So I guess my question is: Is it possible to get a new kitten and make it a smooth and happy thing or should I repress my need for more feline companionship untill my wee Zoe is no longer of this world (which could be another 6-8 years if we are lucky) AND if I were to get a kitten, what do I have to do to make this a great and happy home for all.
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I am probably in the minority here but I don't think it is fair to do that to a 11 year old cat. There is a post on another board I frequent where the persons 5 year old cat stopped eating and went into liver failure when she suddenly brought home 3 kittens (now the resident cat may have to be PTS). It will likely cause a lot of stress for your cat that could manifest itself in different ways.

Many cats are much more accepting of dogs than other cats. Have you thought about maybe a dog if you want another pet?
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I think it really depends on the temperament and health of the older cat. I adopted a kitten as a companion for a 14 year old, and it worked out well, but I can see how it could just as easily go the other way. For a cat that's been the "queen" most of her life, it may be too jarring to suddenly have to share her domain with a kitten.
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It depends on if she is jealous, possessive, aggressive ... and how you introduce a younger cat. If you make it clear to both that the one in the house first IS the queen, it might work.

We just introduced two young adults and a kitten, into a house with one 13 year old. VERY successfully. But I am not kidding myself or anyone and taking credit.

1) the pre-existing cat was always beta and liked it that way, before. He had about 4 weeks of SEVERE spoiling at night, and profound loneliness during the day prior to the intro. and after losing his lifelong mate.

2) we hand-selected rescue cats for temperament. We picked the most submissive-looking and -acting, laid-back cats, we could. from a bunch that were fostered and had thus been "guests" to other cats, before. So, they knew how to be submissive, up front.

3) the understanding was if anyone tried to dominate Waltie, they were OUT. I do not know how I would have coped with that, but fortunately did not have to. As it is they all defer to him and modify their behavior when interacting with him vs. younger cats. So far.

I would not get one kitten with an older cat -- the kitten would need much play and would feel reejcted when the older cat would not.
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Females tend to be more territorial and take longer to accept new cats/kittens.

If you decide to adopt a kitten, I would strongly suggest you adopt 2 (maybe brothers). Females tend to accept a male kitten quicker then another female rival.

Look for kittens with a laid back personality. Its a big age difference to adjust to, and 2 kittens would be better then one. I'd adopt 6-12 month old brothers.
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Our 11 yr old 'alpha' male was presented with a 10 wk old male kitten 2 yrs ago and in one second flat became his father, brother, friend, teacher, everything. But I don't believe that's the norm - just amazing luck, but don't rule it out... it just depends on the individuals.
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