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New Cat Tomorrow!

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I am getting a new cat tomorrow! He is my Aunties cat and they are moving and can't keep him. He is a DLH Orange and White BIG 8 1/2 month old guy. He is around 10 pounds and is 3 feet long, his name is Rascal. Hard to believe but Rascals brother is twice the size of him, while their sister is only half the size of Rascal. Here's a picture of him! I am SO excited!

Rascal at 4 months

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Wow, Rascal is a big handsome boy.

I am so jealous I love ginger / ginger and white cats, I especially like Rascals splodge of ginger by his nose
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What a gorgeous cat! I hope it all goes well with the introductions!

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what a gorgeous picture! Professional? I really should get that done for my cats. PetSmart does that for cheap. I too love the orange splodge on his nose, very cute. Must have more pics when you get him home please!
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He is beautiful !

I want another kitty!!!
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I took that picture over at my Aunties house! Everyone thinks it's a professional, but he just decided to pose pretty that day! Rascal is so docile, he gets his tail vaccumed everyday! He likes to sleep on your head and knead at your face. He is a very sweet cat and I can't wait until tonight!
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He's certainly a pretty cat, and that's a great picture.
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he is very handsome!
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Orange cats rule!! And he is a particularly good-loking orange cat.
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Rascal is now officialy mine! He keeps growling at the other cats. Anyone have advice on how to calm him down?
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keep him separated for awhile????
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There is an article on how to introduce cats, it will take time.

Introducing cats
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What a handsome fellow he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck & congrads
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He's gorgeous! Congrats on the new addition. Hope it gets better with the introductions and he stops growling. I'm sure with time they'll all be friends!
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What a beauty!!!! We, too, have a LARGE ginger and white DLH - he's one of the outside ferals, not one of the inside pets. But what a sweetie he is!!!!!!!!

It can take quite a while to introduce new cats to each other. Remember - they are very territorial, they're not like dogs, which are so social. Your "new" Rascal is invading the others' territories, and trying to maintain his space.

We had two cats and brought in a third and we live in the equivalent of a small studio apartment. She was a kitten, younger in age than the other cats. That is usually the easiest type of introduction, and that only took a few days. She tried to play with them constantly, and they would get annoyed and hiss and bat at her.

We then had to bring in a fourth cat - one that was part of the same litter as the two original cats. All heck broke loose in here! There was hissing everywhere. The space was too small for four. We adopted out the kitten after a week (it was our original intent to foster her anyway) - but it has been 1 1/2 weeks since Spooky joined us, and everyone still keeps their distance. For the first 3 - 4 days, she (the new cat) was actively aggressive, charging at the other two if they got within 2 -3 3 feet of her.

If we had more than one room here, we would have kept her separate for some time, and made the introductions slowly over a much longer period of time.

The article to which Kellye provided a link should be a lot of help!

Good luck integrating that beautiful boy into your home!!!!!

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He's doing really good now! I gave him some catnip and he went BALISTIC! I played with him and groomed him. He is very comfortable if it's just humans around, but the cats make him mad! I measured him and he is a whopping 37 inches long! He is currently staying in my bedroom so we can introduce him to the other cats one by one! I will post some pics and update you shortly!
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Where are his brother and sister? Is someone else going to take them in or did they already live with other people?

What a cute kitty!

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My Auntie Rhondas friend, Darcy, adopted a DLH female calico, they named her Buffy. Buffy was 4 months old when she was pregnant with Rascal and his siblings. On April 23 of last year, Buffy had her kittens. She gave birth to Lindsay, a male DLH Orange tabby, Thomas, a female DMH Calico, Rascal, a DMH Orange and White tabby and another tiny little kitten that didn't survive.

Buffy, the mother, was tooken away from her own mother when she was just 4 weeks old. She didn't feed Rascal and his siblings when she was supposed to, she hissed at them batted them and even walked away from them. Buffy started to get really aggresive with humans too. If you walked near her she would jump out and attack you. Buffy was pregnant again in July, Darcy couldn't keep Buffy any more because she was so aggresive. She decided to take Buffy to the local SPCA to get her euthanized. The SPCA let Buffy have her kittens and then they put her to sleep.

Darcy decided to keep Rascal, Thomas and Lindsay since they were sweet, loving kittens. My Aunties son, Tyler, was looking for a kitten and asked Darcy if he could trade his rabbit for a kitten. Of course she accepted the offer and gave him Rascal.

After a couple of months, Tyler couldn't keep Rascal because his kids were torturing him. He gave Rascal to my Auntie Rhonda and he lived there for about 2 months. My Auntie was forced to move out of her house by the owners, so she had to adopt out atleast one of her cats. We took Rascal because he is still a baby. He is so sweet. My Aunties 8 year old son, Bret, is so attached to Rascal he's going to come visit him every weekend. I love my Rascal and he is going to live a happy, healthy life!

Prayers For Buffy and her little kitten
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I'm so sorry to hear Buffy wasn't taken to a no-kill shelter. There are many wonderful people out there willing to work with aggressive and problem kitties - many of them are members here! What a sad story.


WHERE ARE THE PICS???? We'd love to meet Rascal!

(BTW, love your new signature - this is the first I've seen it)

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Here's the pictures of Rascal!

Sleep Time!

In this picture, Rascal shows how HUGE his paws are! He has long tufts between his toes! His paws are as big as the bottom of a pop can! He is only 8 1/2 months old and at 37 inches long, he's still growing! He was 33 inches long at 6 months.

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Watching the other kitties!

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Showing Off Rascals Size!

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Sleep Or Play?

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I love that last picture...

"A stick with a feather on it. Hmmm, you're going to have to do better than that"
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