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Da Bird??

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Hey, i've noticed on a few posts this toy called "Da Bird"
It doesn't look like i can get it in Australia so i was just wondering if any Australians know where i can get one?
If not would anyone be willing to send me one?

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I have never seen them in Melbourne and have actually had a member from TCS send me one. They really are great
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Have you checked Ebay? make sure you are set to a world wide search and the seller will ship world wide
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Is this what you're talking about? This site ships internationally.


or this one

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I've heard that because they are made with feathers, customs won't allow them into the country.
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I actually made one, i changed it a few days ago as Chuckie ripped the last of the feathers off. Now it's gone from crappy duct tape/glue over a weaved string to nylon thread and the actual spinny fishing bit so it flys around. It had a dowel wand and i bought turkey feathers from the craft store. I probably used about $3.50 making it
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