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Brochures on higher quality food?

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I would like to find out where I can get some brochures on feeding cats higher quality food, how the grocery store ones are not very heathy, etc. to give to adopters at the shelter where I work. I would include it in their "goodie bag" that everyone gets when they adopt an animal. Does anyone know a company that would provide brochures? Just a thought...
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We have been looking around for one for the shelter, but as yet we haven't found much that is non brand specific so we are working on our own, I would be happy to send you a copy once I have finished the food one (the timing of which depends on whether they want me to edit the ones I did on intros etc that I am showing the higher ups today)
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you could check your local Petco .... they have a why premium care sheet which DOES NOT specify a specific food but gives premium basics( what I would call premium)
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icklemiss, that would be great if you could e-mail me a copy if you can when you're done.

sharky, I would check out Petco but there's not one around here for hundreds of miles. I wonder if I wrote to them if they'd send me some...

I work as an ad designer for a weekly newspaper and yesterday I had to do an elaborate color ad for a store who started selling pet food. The pet food was Blue Seal, which is local to New England (northeastern US), and they were praising it up and down so I looked at the ingredients. Full of corn... the second ingredient! At least it had no wheat gluten or soy. That was about it. People are so uneducated about pet food it isn't even funny. I was until I found this site!
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Lots of us were until we found TCS or had a cat with a major illness... a lot of vets still are

I will send it once it is done
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Fromm has a nice brochure for their food. I just picked up one from my local Vet.

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I tend to ignore the brand specific ones because they bend the truth to their ingredients
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