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A slightly negative post

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My aunt's 11 month kitten is dead. Because he was morbidly obese.

Seriously. He weighed 28 lbs. He should've weighed something like 11, maybe 12. She put him on r/d, but hated the looks he gave her, so she put him back on crap.

Fed Monty(RIP) & his brother Sunny, from a baking sheet. Whatever they want to eat. And now poor Sunny is still alive, lonely, and also obese.

I want to go steal him so he doesn't die too! And she doesn't get it, the fat is apparently "cute"!
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That is sooo sad.

May Monty RIP.
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That is sad. Poor Sunny, he lost his friend.
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How awful
Can an ACO maybe convince her that it's cruel to do that to them?
Maybe she'll change her habits if she think she faces charges?

So sad for Fred, but really sad for Sunny.
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Nobody will do anything about it. "They're just cats" My cousin(a vet), whom she worships, told her she has to do something or Sunny will die, too. My aunt complains she just cannot take his begging for food.

I want to smack her & tell her she made him fat. Shut up & do something about it!
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that poor baby! RIP little one. what food is she feeding her cats? I am just curious.
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At one point, Meow Mix. I talked her out of that. I think Purina ONE now....but kitten chow. For a fat kitten. He really doesn't need it(obivously).

Two vets(hers & my cousin), me, & my grandma, have all tried to talk some sense into her. We're trying to get Sunny away for his safety, but not getting far. Short of stealing him(& I'm sure she'd know who took him), I cannot come up with any more ideas!
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oh the poor little kittie. Kinda harsh i know seeing as she is family but report her for animal cruelty. Talk to them first and see if they will just give a sturn warning that maybe she has a month to prove she is getting weight down or else they will take the kitten away? Do you think they would do that?
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This is so sad. I hope someone can get through to her before her behavior kills another cat.
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Oh, poor Monty. Poor Sunny, too. I really hope this situation gets resolved well for Sunny, for weight and loneliness.

Reading this has now made me resolute on ignoring my kitties' cries for extra food. I want them to live long and happy lives.

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Oh that is so awful! I'm sorry you are dealing with this!

My step-grandma thinks pets and little boys are adorable when they are fat. My RB girl Tiger spent 1 month with her while we were waiting for housing on our base and came back good and chunky. (Even my step-dad was a very heavy little boy. One of his older brothers had to work with him to retrain his eating and teach him to exercise in fun ways. This was after a doctor got real firm and told them like it was.)

I wish I could offer some advice in getting her to understand. What would a morbidly obese cat look like if they were a person? Maybe showing her that kind of picture? What are your Aunt's lifestyle choices like in regards to that? I'm only asking because I know with my step-grandma, things were hard for her to understand because her own choices about diet and exercise were very poor also, though she does have a very good heart. (Not to pry and you don't have to answer my questions, I guess I'm trying to understand it.)
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awww that is sad, poor little kitties.

I am so carefull with my two, I weight their food out everyday and they get that amount and that amount only (over 4 meals a day at the moment).

They dont get anything else, they dont beg for food either, but as most cats they come charging down when they here me put the bowls down!

I hope something can be done for the other kitten.
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Nat that's so frustrating for you all, the poor baby
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RIP Monty

I hope you can find a way to save Sunny
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