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Is someone at the door?

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11.00 tonight:
Hey babe did some one knock on the door?
Nope just me doing the dishes...
Will opens door to our neighbor...
Hey just wanted to tell you that someones has egged a load of cars on the street and your cars is one of them!
Will goes out

Ok so our trailblazer SS that we got a few months ago brand new, that has just had the hood repainted due to a factory flaw, and has already been washed twice on Saturday has egg shell, yoke and white all over the side of it GGGRRRRRR (there is no smilie to express the full Anger)

So Will is at the carwash for the 3rd time in 3 days, because some stupid kid wanted to throw eggs at cars!!!

It looked like the neighbor who told us, they missed her car so when it landed on the floor they actually scooped up the egg and smeered it in to her husbands truck.

Anyways Rant Over For Now.
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That is ridiculous! Makes me mad just reading that. Someone egged my Camaro a few years ago. If I had seen them....

Mine didn't do anything to the paint luckily. AND it was on there long enough it dried. Hopefully, it won't do anything to your paint.
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Oooh, that sucks. I heard egg can eat paint of a car. I'd be peeved too.
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Hopefully it won't cause any paint damage!

If it makes you feel any better about the eggs, a friend of ours came home to find her car on fire, some teenagers wanted to see something burn (the police haven't released all the details) and whatever it was they were burning in the road exploded and set 5 cars on fire.
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Its so silly, especially as we were watching a thing about criminals on tv probably as it happened, and I was annoyed at how the under age kids, got released back to there parents, so no wonder they feel they can get away with anything!

As far as we know it was just the cars on our row that got egged, we washed it off, so hopefully it will be ok, as we were washing it with me in my night robe, a police car drobe past, so hubby flagged it down and we made a report, Even tho it was the first time it happened I feel that if you dont make a report of these things and it happens continuously then there is no proof. If the police hadnt been driving past we probably wouldnt have filesd it tho.
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Back when my ex and I were still an item, some threw an egg at our car as we were driving, splattered all over the windscreen, that was so dangerous, if it weren't in the middle of the night and as we were going by a park from which the threw the egg, I would have gone on a mission and beat the living out of them.
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Oh that's awful! I hope they catch who did it. Some kids need to learn consequences for their actions!

A couple years ago some kids went down our side of the street and slashed one tire on every car that was parked on the road! The police man was just going house to house getting reports. Fortunately my car was in need of new tires soon, so we got them. We're still getting $2-$4 checks every now and then from the court system. They arrested 4 teens for it. We park both our cars next to the house now, even though it's more of a hassle. (Plus we traded that car in for a new one. My old car wasn't so nice!)
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