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Ike in the Hamper

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My baby was being crazy, so I took the opportunity to snap some new pics!

I got a new hamper for laundry and she loves to play with it...
Oops! Fell in...

It's kinda cozy in here...

Maybe if I get it on it's side she'll come out...


No Mommie!!!

No! Put me baaack!

Lol... love my baby! Oh, and pardon the dirties!!
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Let that baby have her playground.
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Angel does that same thing!
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My kids would love that!, especially Rosie
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You have no choice...
go get another laundry hamper because that one belongs to Ike.
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Maybe this should go in the "silly things you do for your cats" thread, but my two loved the pop up hamper so much...I bought them their own they still like mine better...

Cute picts!
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That's hilarious...silly kitty
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does he need to be washed on delicate or permanent press?
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Lol! I love the last 'Put me back!' picture.
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What a cutie! Gosh I love black kitties!
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Aww, she's adorable.
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