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Something WEIRD!!!

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Because of work and some family issues it has been a while since i last logged on. Well I had to go thru the registration process all over again because the site didn't recognize me!! So I re registered as Mickey 14 instead of mickey14, and when I got my new account it came up as the old mickey14!! What happened??
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I don't have a clue, but welcome back!!
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It just did it again!! I am mickey14 to post but Mickey 14 to log in!!! I don't get it!! But thanks for the welcome!!
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Ok Now this is REALLY odd!!! ARGGGHHHHH!!!
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I'll move this to "Tech talk" where they may be able to answer your question
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Your best bet would be to contact Hydroaxe to look at your account and see what is happening
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I noticed the first post in the thread was mickey14 and subsequent posts were Mickey 14.
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