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Digital Photo Frames

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I used to think they were dumb, especially back when they costed upwards of $500, but now I'm looking at getting one. Anyone have any recommendations? So far it looks like Philips is the most raved about brand, but I want to know if anyone got a great deal with quality and price.
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I've always thought they were a great idea! Then finally one came on sale a while ago and I could afford to buy one. I have actually taken it out of the box once, but that was as far as I got towars setting it up.
I'm sure I'll enjoy it one day!
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Rob saw a deal on one a few weeks ago and thought to buy me a treat. I'm still working on loading a card, but I'll get there. I think I'll take it into my office when I'm satisfied with my set of pics, so I can really show off my babies.

As for advice...I don't really know much about what's available, so I probably can't be much help. Mine is not a fancy one, but it seems easy enough to deal with.
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I bought one of these little pocket sized ones at the beginning of the year. It is way too small. I paid about $50 for it. I see now the price has gone down. The picture that they have on there is VERY deceiving. I wanted one of the larger picture frames, but my gift card wasn't that much

If you can, find one that is up and running on display. Then you can really see how good the pictures are. Mine was just a waste of a $50 gift card.

This is what I bought:

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