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I am soliciting tailgating advice, please help.

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I am going to see Carolina vs. Tampa Bay next month and want to tailgate, but have never been to a game before. I need suggestions of what to take that I might not think about, what to cook, etc.
I would greatly appreciate your help!
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hot dogs, potato salad and hamburgers! And sweet tea! And potato chips too! mmmmm I am hungry so this may sound like alot! lol
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Giant hoagies, macaroni salad and PEPSI!!!!
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Well seeing I've been to quite a few Packer games......
Do you have a car or SUV or truck with topper????
Because you are going to want to have chairs to sit on, at least one card table.
Bring cooler (and lots of beer). If you are tailgating with more than one vehicle make sure you drive in the stadium parking lot together. Put something on antenna that is unusual so you can find your vehicle if use use the porta potties before the game and to to find it after the game. In Green Bay the gates open about 4 hours before game time and with the barriers the stadiums had to erect around the stadium many parking spots are lost (200-300 in Green Bay) so I would plan on being in line before the stadium opens (there will be a line trust me) Many people also tailgate after the game!! I think most stadiums have charcoal disposal areas.
A smaller charcoal grill and grill supplies. If its hot and sunny an umbrella if possible or if you have an SUV keep the gate up. Bring along/wear all your team gear. Most stadiums do not allow you to carry anything in other than a small purse (which will be searched), blanket or stadium seats. Rent a stadium seat too. If you know where your seats are figure out where the sun is going to be for the game and dress accordingly, sunscreen, hats etc...Bring lots of $$$$ and have a good time!!
Green Bay has a 30 yr waiting list for season tickets so the only way we go to games is via a vendor from DH's company (box tickets of course!!)
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Gail's got it all down, so just paint your face, yell your butt off & have fun!
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I am so the face painting type of person--*foam finger time!!*. What great advice, GailC! I didn't even think about a table, duh!! See, you all are the best lifesavers. I do have an SUV, and it looks like I will be the lucky driver for the trip. The game is at 4:00, so our tailgating will have to be prior to the game.
A stadium chair is a great idea! Where can I find those? And, GailC, why do I need lots of greenbacks??? Souvenirs or the $25 canned sodas?
I am trying to hold off on buying team gear for now, or I'll get too excited about going and will be miserable for a month.
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From the title I thought this was another "bad drivers" thread!

I gotta say - those Packers fans are rabid, and probably some of the best tailgaters around. I would definitely take a cue from Gail.
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Tailgate? Never heard of that. But from what others posted it sounds like a picnic in your truck/car?

Standard picnic fair I guess. Sandwiches, salad, cold chicken, dessert bars, potato chips, soft drinks.
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It's like a picnic outside the stadium. (in the parking lot)
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What time is the game? I love brunch tailgating - for those obnoxious 11 AM games we get due to TV coverage.
We always pay for an extra vehicle space and use it for our tent, table and chairs. We tend to use a camp stove and save the charcol for times we rent an RV and spend the night there.
The three main considerations are prep, serve and clean up. I love simple, so we prepare ahead of time as much as possible.
I am not "green" for tailgating, so we use disposable containers, plates, plasticware, napkins. Take lots of extra plates and napkins.
Trashbags (they provide the trashcans). Newpapers to wrap around dirty pans or serving dishes. Plastic bags to transport them in.
Ice chests for leftover food.
When you plan your menu, do a mental walk-thru for everything you need.

Sunscreen, lots of cold bottled water. Have fun.
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Mom of 4 reminded me of something!!
Remember no facilities for water so bring some hot water (it will cool down and some dishclothes pre wetted to help clean up any messes.
This time of year you migh have some hornets flying around if you have anything sweet (like soda) make sure its covered.
You can usually rent stadium seats right at the stadium.
If you want to buy any tem gear you better do that right away as the pro store will be very busy. Lambeau built another pro shop into the stadium but they limit how many people can be in the store at one time-both stores get very busy!! I usually go mid week (like tomorrow) to get my stuff.
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See if you can find out where the band rehearses. At Clemson, I used to be in the band and when we tailgated after I was out of the band and out of school, we go to that parking lot. It's farther from the stadium, but it's so fun to watch the band practice, then we can just get extra exercise walking to the field. I think everyone's suggestions are great, have fun!!!
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Ballgame is this Sunday. Any last minute tips????
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Check the weather out before you leave and check out what you can and cannot carry into the stadium. Lambeau Field is like many I'm sure and basically you carry in a blanket/seat, a small purse no booze or food of course-no umbrella's.

Do you have a first aid kit for your vehicle??? It never hurts to be prepared.

Oh....Are wasps a problem in your area as you want to make sure any sweet items are covered at all times.
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Thanks for the advice, Gail. First aid kit would be a great idea!! I am very prone to accidents. I am so clumsy!!
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I know the feeling!!
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