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Litter Flinging!!

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I have an outside mother cat that is currently living in my basement until her kittens are adopted and she is spayed. I just watched the most fascinating display of litter flinging! This cat makes a HUGE mess with her litter every time she uses the box. She will even fling poop out of the litter box. One morning I know I found litter at least three feet away from her box!

I would get her an enclosed litter box, but I am afraid that since she has always lived outside she may not use it. I also wonder if she may carry her kittens in there. We found her trying to hide her kittens in between two boxes in our messy basement area.

Anyone have any suggestions of how I can help her not be so messy with her litter???
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Have you tried a litterbox with high sides? Thats what we use. Also, how much litter is in the litter box, if there is a lot, try taking some out so its not really deep, that might help.

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Thanks Manda,

Where do you find a litter box with high sides? I was contemplating buying a Rubbermaid tub of some sort with high sides. I will try using less litter. At this point I'll try nearly anything. It could only be worse if she stopped using the box altogether! Yuck!
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Try the rubbermaid tub, it's probably the cheapest and easiest to find option. Wash out and put the current box you're using aside, for when the kittens are old enough to start using it.

How old are the kittens by the way? Before they're old enough to start getting into stuff you may want to straighten up that basement a bit. -just in case they decide to find they own choice pooping spots.
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Thanks to everyone for the advice. I got the Rubbermaid tub AND use less litter. There is much less litter flung on the floor.

The kittens are only 8 days old. But I will save the short box for the kittens. If the mom starts using it again, the litter will be all over the place again. Oh well, I'll have less to clean up for a few weeks anyway!
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