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I wouldn't. I am very paranoid when it comes to my food.
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No, I wouldn't! Get a new bottle and toss that one out!
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Even if it smells and looks O.K., and I know that mustard is mainly vinegar and preserved already, I still wouldn't eat it if it was past the expiration date. But I don't really like mustard anyway.
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ewwwww... no... I would not eat it
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If it looked and smelled fine, i would give it a little taste if still fine then yep i would eat it. Im usually really picky with the dates and stuff to, but i KNOW that some thigns take ages and ages to go yuck cause of the ingredients in them.
Also with eggs a good way to see if they are good or not is to fill a tall glass with cold water and put the egg in it. If it sinks and stays on the bottom its still good to eat but if it floats to the top get rid of it. Cant remember how it works but as the egg goes off an air sac is made in the bottom of it making it float So regardless of dates with eggs i always get it wet first lol.
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I don't care for mustard, so I probably wouldn't eat it. I'm pretty finicky about the use-by date though, and would throw it out. My parents sound like his parents...they aren't as fussy about use-by dates as I am, and would probably use it.
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I'd eat it. Mustard is one of the few things that really doesn't go bad. It can't get rancid - it already is!
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Im very weird about food and their expiration date. I wont even drink milk the day before it expires, lol call me crazy but that is just the way I am...
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As long as there's nothing growing on it... it's just mustard though, it really doesn't go bad. Grocery stores have to have "sell by" dates on their food to keep the customers happy that what they're buying is "fresh."
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I wouldn't eat it. I seldom eat mustard.
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Originally Posted by My cat Mellow View Post
Nope, and give it to the parents as a gift so they can eat it
OMG! you crack me up! too funny!!
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I'd use it, some things just get better with time!
Think about it, what could go wrong with it? It's not like mayonnaise. Actually even mayonnaise lasts a long time as long as its refrigerated.

I think the manufacturers partly put a date on there, because some person probably had some for 10 years and left it out once, then used it and was unpleasantly surprised. Also, the "expiration date" is a good reason to buy more!
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I said no.. I'm one who doesn't like to eat anything that's even a day or two past the best before date... I just get my fiance to eat it.
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