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Eek! I have to go to the dentist tomorrow!

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Well, my gums have been in a lot of pain all weekend, so i finally sucked it up and called the dentist. I am going to a new dentist office tomorrow- it's right by my house! I have heard nothing but good things about this denitst from my coworkers....he seems to be really kind/reputable. When I called a minute ago to make an emergency appointment- they were sooo kind and polite! I swear I have never talked to a more sweet receptionist! So i'm hoping the denistist is just as great!

The second tooth from the back on my right side of my mouth (not counting wisdom teeth- i had mine out a few years back), has been in a lot of pain this weekend. The gums are all swollen around it and REALLY hurt like all get out! I wonder if i got something stuck in the gums that's bothering it Eithor way, the orajel ain't cutting it so off to the dentist i go tomorrow morning

Can I get some "please be nothing major vibes" I am hoping it's not infected or anything of that nature. They are going to clean my teeth while i'm there tomorrow too so that they can clean under the gums really well on that tooth is what the receptionist told me. I'm hoping it's not too painful when they do that- my mouth hurts! I am not dreading the visit though- the dentist seems very reputable/polite and all of the staff was really nice to me on the phone- so feel comfortable about going to the new dentist. I'm just hoping it isn't painful!!
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Hey, Tiger!

Feel for ya and with ya -- been there, done that. btw, you can ask the dentist to give you a local anaesthetic in the area that is bothering you before cleaning. I would! and I do. Definitely sending good vibes and healing thoughts your way. Hope the dentist and staff are truly good and caring professionals who'll make it easier for you to go when you need to, 'cause I empathize with your trepidation, but it's something we ALL gotta do. Even little cats.
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Hopefully the appointment will go smoothly and something that can be fixed easily.

I just finished off a series of dental appointments in which I had 1 root canal done and 3 crowns. I have a chronic problem with grinding my teeth which has cause erosion along the back of my front teeth. Not the most pleasant things to have done and you can imagine how expensive even with a dental plan.
However, I am very philosophical when it comes to dental visits, as bad as they may be it sure beats even the smallest of toothaches...

Chin up, be brave, and it will all be over before you know it..
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I hope everything goes well and you're feeling better soon! I would be nervous... I hate dentists/doctors!
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Hope everything goes well! I hate dentist/doctors visits. I've been putting off making another dentist appt - 4 of my teeth feel HORRIBLE when I eat chocolate (probably cavities). They filled one in last time I went, but it still feels the same! I have a cleaning appt on 9/13 though, so I guess I will mention it then. Then I will HAVE to make another appt since I have no excuse not to!
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Hopefully its nothing serious. Neil though was complaining of tooth pain about 1 month ago-jaw was swollen-emergency dental appt was potential cracked tooth, endodontist appt confirmed. He had it pulled the next day as crowning/root canal were not long term solutions. Now its only going to cost another $3600 for a dental implant and implant crown (not covered bt insurance of course). This of course will not happen to you!!
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OOO I feel for you!! Here are any kind of vibes you may need (RE: calmness no pain, nothing serious wrong, etc...) <<<<<<< VIBES>>>>>>>. I hate going to the dentist too. We are getting a new one as ours is retiring. I have been to the one who is taking over and i like him! i liked our old one too but he played church music in the office. Now i am a Christian person but I couldn't get any comfort hearing funeral type music while sitting in the chair!! the new one plays good ol' rock and roll! I did like it when he played contemporary Christian music though! just not funeral durges!!
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Thanks everyone for the vibes! I'm hoping everything will be quick and painless tomorrow. (if not- i want some of the gas before they touch my mouth! i don't do well with needles/etc!) I'm not scared of the dentist office- i see no reason to be. It's just the thought of them potentially messing around that spot on my mouth that hurts so bad that freaks me out! I hope it's just as simple as me having something (maybe a piece of food) stuck under the gumline that's made it irritated and that it's nothing major. I soo don't need a big dental bill right now with the wedding comming up! That would stink! I'm hoping that it can be something easily fixed and nothing too expensive But for right now- my gums HURT! I've had to chew my food on the left side of my mouth all weekend just to keep from irritating my gums on the right side. It's aweful.
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I'm due for a dentist appointment too. I haven't seen one in like 4 years. I completely regret it too, I'm developing a pretty sizable cavity on one of my teeth right at the gum line. Not a good feeling...
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Good luck Nikki, I hate the Dentist
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Originally Posted by Lemur 6 View Post
I'm due for a dentist appointment too. I haven't seen one in like 4 years. I completely regret it too, I'm developing a pretty sizable cavity on one of my teeth right at the gum line. Not a good feeling...
4 years? wow- time to get to a dentist hon you'll feel much better when you get that cavity taken care of
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