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Pregnant Cat

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I got a foster cat the other day who they said is probably pregnant because the person who captured her found her with a male last week. I do not want to abort the kittens and it is not even an option for me. But she has an umbilical hernia, does anyone have experience with this? She has a doc appointment, but not until next Friday. Also, is it normal for a pregnant cat to throw up? Even though they said she is probably only a week pregnant?? She has thrown up 3 times today, but is acting fine other than that.
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I don't have any knowledge of the issues you raise, as I always spay/neuter all cats in my care, and would definitely spay this girl a/o. Just about everyone on TCS would advocate for that as well, knowing the terrible overpopulation tragedy and loving cats as we do. But perhaps someone else will have knowledge of your particular issues. The vet almost certainly will, and it is regrettable that you can't get her an appointment much sooner. Is there an emergency veterinary clinic nearby? I would strongly suggest taking her in.
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I don't care whether or not people think it is okay or a vet will do it. I am Vegan and do not believe in killing ANY animals, even if they are a still in the single cell form. I can't be pushed over on this. I have an appointment and they have moved it up sooner for me. I just wanted to know if anyone else had dealt with a similar situation.
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