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Ideas for Christmas

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Okay I was wondering if you were recieving a gift would you want a throw with a cat on it or a cat calandar/mousepad thingy. Or anything else with cats on it or would you like things like candles and chocolate or all of the above.
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Lets see, I already have a cat clock, cat flag, cat ashtray and cat figures for shelves.
I know what I want-cat socks and a cat pin.
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Well, I don't celebrate that as a holiday, but for the holidays I DO celebrate, I would LOVE cat throws, mousepads, figurines, magnets, glasses, cell phone cases, pictures, pillows, towels, I think you get the picture?! My house is Cats, Cats, and More Cats! all over. It's my favorite motif, always has been, always will be -- after all, there is no more beautiful creature than a CAT! How about everyone else out there?
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I love cats, I have figurines, and pictures, and socks. Socks are always good.
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Oh, YEAH! Socks are GREAT!!! And don't forget that is a GREAT source for cat socks, along with many other great cat-themed gifts at very affordable prices (and every purchase helps feed cats and kittens in shelters!
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In my opinion, you can NEVER go wrong with candles.

Everyone loves them!!!
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I love anything with cats on it, but I have to say, I like cats that look like cats. I don't like those ones that are made to look ugly. You know what I mean, the ones with the huge heads, bad hairdoo, and bulgy eyes. Cats are not ugly. ALL cats are beautiful!
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Originally Posted by Tavia'smom View Post
Okay I was wondering if you were recieving a gift would you want a throw with a cat on it or a cat calandar/mousepad thingy. Or anything else with cats on it or would you like things like candles and chocolate or all of the above.
my dad says if you put a cat on it, i'll like it.... & he's right! candles, i prefer bakery-type smells - cookies, vanilla, chocolate, etc. same with lotions & soaps. chocolate is always good!
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People think we are nuts with all the cat items we have in our house...but we always say its never enough cat stuff!

You could do a personalized gift by buying smaller items & put them into some sort of basket. For instance if the person likes cats you could buy a pair of cat socks, a cat mouse pad, even some candles, and maybe even a nice pin. Then organize it all nicely into the basket (or whatever you want to use). I usually cover the whole basket with a fabric that the person would like & tie it up with lots of nice ribbon with a little charm hanging down from the ribbon. It depends on the person receiving the gift but those are the type of gifts we do for people anyways

Even if your not into that - a present like a cat throw would be a good idea!

Giving Gifts is Great!
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All excellent ideas!
I love candles myself, but they are on the no-no list in our house because of the bird.
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I love kitties, but it gets tiring getting gifts of everything "kitty". One year someone gave me a picture of a huge red rose and a white cat, it didn't match anything in my apartment. The picture was lovely and done on gorgeous mahogany wood. It leaned against a wall for several years before I finally gave it away to a charity. I've gotton furry kittens in wicker baskets that sat and gathered dust. Cat crystal ornaments. Cat patterned bowls.

I love cats but that doesn't mean that every gift given to me needs to be cat oriented.

I much prefer practical things such as gift certificates to online sites like Amazon or a store in one of the 3D Graphic communities I frequent, or something computer related like blank DVDs. Socks, panties, perfume, books, CDs, maybe a new wallet or coin purse. I'm not a candle person, but even some nice candles would be prefered over everything "kitty"
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I'd take any of the above, but if you can find a unique cat candle (I have one) that would work well Try looking on ebay.
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I occasionally like cat-themed gifts... my best friend and her family did a bag of kitty-themed stuff for me for last year's birthday... in it was a large ceramic figurine of a wildly painted kitty... very cute... I tend to like more serene things, but I think he's cute.

One example of cat-themed stuff is a pair of tea-light holders I bought years ago, completely clear glass in the shape of a curled up sleeping cat... there's a hole in the top for the tea-light. I love those things... very simple, elegant.

A bad example isn't of cat stuff, but of cows (something else i use to collect, and still occasionally do, although now I'm on to rubber duckies and such)... at separate times, years apart, both my mom and my sister hit up the dollar stores and bought the same ice cream dish and spoon set: four tiny bowls, plastic, that look like cows... I hated them... so tacky.

tasteful stuff... I like that... of course, if I do get silly stuff, it goes into the Office... which is the Silly Room... that has my oddball stuffed animals and movie posters, and Mr. Potato Head (didn't get the Darth Vader one, darnit...), including my belly dancer camel, and my T-Rex (from Toy Story) holding a beheaded Barney... heh heh heh... I didn't make it, but bought it from a small company of very warped individuals who make unique pieces (like the camel) as well as buy used critters and alter them...

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For me I like cat stuff, not the cutsie type figures but more practicl things. I have a couple candle holders that are cats and a couple of boxes that are shaped like cats. I would love to get a coffee cup or clothing that has cats on it, something tat is still practicle.

For candles I can never have too many. I prefer non scented, mostly tea lights because I have and over abundance of tea light holders. If it was scented I like more relaxing scents like lavender or ocean breez. Nothing that reminds me of food or anything to girly like roses.

I do like girly smelling perfume though.
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Candles are lovely, but just a friendly reminder: NEVER leave a lit candle unattended! For cats' sake! For everyone's sake! Personally, I never use candles at all, believing better safe than sorry.
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