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If you had $10,000,000

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to help others in the world (you can't spend it on yourself, sorry) what charity / group of people / country / whatever would you choose to help
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Geez...this is a hard one...definitely the Humane Society...
Also, I think I'd have to find out how to donate to handicapped and ill orphans.
My cousin is in a coma and was in a children's care center for a while and I was astonished how many people abandoned their children who were sick...one 5 year old boy with a tracheotomy broke my heart...I would have adopted him that day if I could!!!
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Diabetes Foundation - not only does a dear friend have type 1, it is estimated that the rate of diabetes in this country is going to rise to 1 out of 3 in this upcoming generation.

Stem Cell Research - because of the previous, as I think this is where the hope is for the cure.

Animal Rescue, but I've learned to be very selective on where to donate my money to. It would go towards organizations that educate people on spay/neuter and to open up low cost or free spay/neuter clinics. Organizations like No More Homeless Pets or Best Friends Sanctuary come to mind.
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I would have to give some of it to the Humane Society and some to a childrens hospital.
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Some would go for college and some for unwanted animals.
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I would give some of it to a dear friend who wants to build her own cat sanctuary in Oregon.
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I'd put it towards helping lesser fortunate countries in countries Africa and the like (especially the ones that have seen so much war recently) set up water and sewerage systems, crops, schools and basic things like that. As much as I love kitties, I think I'd prefer to help stop the suffering for people first.
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Split it between animals and children in need, especially those that are mistreated....
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It would go to help children in 3rd world orphanges that are in need of basic necessities- clothes, food, education, shelter.

I would also donate a huge chunk of it to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and the animal shelter where I work Both places are very near and dear to my heart!
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Ten million dollars can go a long way...

I would find organizations that help FERAL cats. They are so often forgotten, and there is such a need for education and assistance for ferals around the world.

I would also give to breast cancer research and to assisting women with breast cancer who cannot afford the treatment.
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I would help foster animals. Open a shelter or something. I would not want to just give it away, I would want to help where it went too, you know?
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I would give a substantial amount for a low income spay/neuter fund.

Then I would start a rescue group for the sick cats at the local shelter. Meaning if the cats get sick while being there, instead of being pulled for euthanasia, I would take them in and get them better. Then adopt them through my program or take them back to the shelter.

The rest I would have fun with though.
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The American Red Cross!

They have done SO much for us recently after all that has gone on here, that I'd most definately give them all that... and then some!
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I would hire a contractor and build a HUGE animal house.
One floor would be for cats, one for dogs.
Maybe one more for a mixture of each.
There would be a huge area for those who aren't socialized, some big cages for those who need it for their own protection.
Supply the pantry with food with a reserve fund for more food.
I would have a section for human living and would hire a live-in vet and have it open to the public a few hours a day to come and walk the dogs on the property grounds, sit with the kitties and brush them out and love on them.
Oh and a 2nd person who would do all the feedings and the litter box duty for free room & board on the property.
That's what I would LOVE to do.
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Someplace that would help out single mothers/fathers. And also an animal charity.
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We'd help the Boy Scouts, the homeless and the abused and an animal shelter. However it would NOT be a handout for homeless/abused. But build temporary housing and have a program where they start learning to help themselves and not depend on welfare!
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I would start a wild animal and domestic sactuary ... that has been a dream since well I could walk .. On the premises I would put a LOW cost vet clinic for those who love animals but cant afford the $$$$ many vets here charge for basics
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I would give half of it to Alley Cat Allies to help the feral cat problem in our counry and to help with thier fight to educate the government about the benifits of TNR. http://www.alleycat.org/

The other half would be split between hospitals, to be used for low income people who get sick and cant afford the bill, I would want it taken care of annonomously. The other half would be split between cancer and AIDS charities to help find a cure.
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i would give a good amount to rescues, and i would give a lot of it to special care baby hospital units , without them i would not have any of my 3 children here with me now.
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The majority would go to the Humane Society/animal clinics that do things for low cost/etc.
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I would split the money between various animal groups (especially those focused on TNR efforts), charities that feed hungry children and the homeless, and charities for people who have been abused.
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I would consult a financial advisor, and set up a bunch of trusts in addition to making some large immediate donations.

My dues are high, and there are many that I need to help in my life. Food pantry donations would be high on the priority list, and setting up a fund to help with heating costs for single, working moms would be neat.

There is too much good I would do...I can't begin to cover the scope of it here.

Spread it around...spread it around!
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hmmm, 10 mil is a lot of dinero! of course money would go to agencies that help cats. I think I would give money to something associated with cancer research too, and to places that help children with AIDS.
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Through my best friend's work at the cancer society's national call center, I've become painfully aware that people in this wealthy country are dying every hour of every day just because they cannot pay for lifesaving treatment.

I believe this to be the very lowest of evils, a despicable moral crime against humanity.

So with my ten million, I would establish an investment-funded agency to assist anyone in a life-and-death crisis who is either uninsured and unable to pay, or a victim of insurance-company malfeasance.

We would provide the following for such patients:

1. Treatment. Immediately. We would focus on saving the patient's life and work out the details later.

2. Legal assistance in requiring insurance companies to operate honorably. When they don't, we would pursue punitive damages of such magnitude that the insurance industry would soon come to consider it more profitable to live up to their responsibilities than to systematically dodge them.

3. General assistance throughout the healing process as needed, possibly including a skilled aide during treatment and convalescence, transportation to medical appointments, in-home medical equipment and supplies, in-home nursing care, mentor counseling, and household help like shopping, banking, cooking, and laundry.

I've thought about this concept for a long time. To be effective, it would have to be extremely well-funded, well-staffed, and light on its feet.

Ten million would barely get it started -- but I hope it wouldn't have to exist for very long. I hope that, by demonstrating a more humane attitude toward medical care, my agency would help move this country to a universal healthcare system within a decade.

And all my employees would have this on their bumperstickers and lapel pins:


Are there any billionaires on the site who would like to invest in this concept?
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I would use it to buy the much needed addition, wait, I'd just build an entire new building for the shelter. A puppy room. Indoor/outdoor kennels instead of a community backyard. A big fenced backyard. Cat rooms with not wire cages. A community cat room. A bigger quarantine room. And a nursery for mommas & babies.
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Much of it would go to St Jude Research hospital, which is my favorite charity. And of course to animal charities and Cancer society and Abused Women/Children charities.
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I got a list...
I'd pay all of our bills off, pay the next month's rent, get our car fixed, put some in savings, give a million to the nearest humane society, a million to a charity, a million to cancer research, a million to better adoption centers (that's personal), a million to the Red Cross and a million to help families of fallen soldiers.

Did you guys hear that someone won the $300,000,000 lottery?!
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I would give alot of it to animal rescues. Mainly 2 around here that have helped me alot. They are angels and are a big help to strays and ferals (most wont take in the strays around here or help as much as they could). They help alot of them get spayed and neutered too.

I would give some of it to a wild life rehab center around here.

Some to the ASPCA.

I would like to start a wilf life rehab that takes in unwanted or neglected parrots, dogs, cats and farm animals too.
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This is really hard, you could do a lot of good with that sort of money.
I think I would set up some sort of Education trust, literacy is important in helping people to think for themselves, and improve their lives.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
I would use it to buy the much needed addition, wait, I'd just build an entire new building for the shelter. A puppy room. Indoor/outdoor kennels instead of a community backyard. A big fenced backyard. Cat rooms with not wire cages. A community cat room. A bigger quarantine room. And a nursery for mommas & babies.
We are finally getting one of those here It is being built as we speak and we are moving into it next year!

Originally Posted by StacyD1987 View Post
I got a list...
I'd pay all of our bills off, pay the next month's rent, get our car fixed, put some in savings, ...
You can't give it to yourself (I know I am mean!)
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