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Kitty Hitler stiketh again!

Where's Molly?

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Aww she's too cute to be a Kitler.
Did you send her pic to the Kitler site?
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Aww... what a cute kitler!
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Now, you HAVE posted these pix on CATSTHATLOOKLIKEHITLER.COM, have you not? If not, why not? Ve haf vays to make you post!
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Too cute, she looks annoyed at you Natalie
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She's always annoyed with me Helen. She hates it when I chase her down, pick her up, & head bump her.

And yes, her pic has been posted on the Kitler website!
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Can't wait to check it out. She's a natural!
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Nat she's gorgeous
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wow, she looks great! her eyes have cleared up completely
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That first picture is so funny The look on his face!
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LOL!!!!!! that's great, love the moustache.
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