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My Newish Ocicat, Few Pics!

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Hey guys and girls thought I would post a few pictures of Alfie, he is 5 months old and i've had him just under a month

Here he is playing with his new toy, stuck high up on the cupboard though he pulls it down all the time

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Ohh they are rather large! I dont know how to make them smaller...
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Wow!!! I would have never thought he was an ocicat. A Bengal but not an ocicat. Beautiful cat!!!
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He has beautiful markings. A really lovely looking cat.
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I would have thought he was a Bengal as well.

He's simply gorgeous!
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You can resize your pictures in photo-bucket. Edit them down to message board size (600x400).
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Wow! He is awesome! What a beautiful cat, and I agree I does look a lot like a Bengal, except in the face.
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He's gorgeous
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That is one gorgeous catdude and I can tell he's a real handful. Just the way a young male cat is supposed to be! Thanks for sharing the great pix with us.
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What a gorgeous guy!!!!! He is very stunning!!!
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Hey thanks for the replies. Yes i agree he does look a little like a bengal..

He is such a handful, very playful and loves to pounce on your feet, but a joy to have around the house too!

He broke one of my mum's favorite vases today trying to climb through a window , she was not pleased but i wasnt here so i did not see her reaction
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Oooh! I want one!! He's gorgeous!
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I think he is absolutely gorgeous!!
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He's gorgeous! Thanks for posting the pictures of him
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Alfie has that high energy look in his eyes!! he's just gorgeous!
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Wow. what a gorgeous kitty!
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Wow, he is amazing. Just gorgeous, beautiful markings!
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A-whoa! Gimme some CLAW!
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