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Normal cat eyes? (pics)

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Ok, I know I`m a neurotic pet owner but I noticed something I thought was odd with Maisies eyes.

The vet thinks she is roughly 13 and the last time she looked at her eyes she said she had changes that are to be expcted with age and she doesn`t seem to have any problems with them it`s just the way they look.

I have to addmit I did read something about a human having eye problems that only showed up when someone noticed something odd in a flash-photo and that`s whats got me thinking. I try not to use the flash with the kitties but it`s too dark in Maisies room to get a good picture without it.

What do you guys think?

Please excuse the butt shot!
It`s the way her right eye looks pink or it`s a different colour to her left eye. I don`t want to haul her off to the vets if it`s something normal for older cats.
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Seems odd to me. Usually "red" eyes are seen on the flash if the cat's eyes are blue.
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could it be the beginning of cataracts? the eye looks a little cloudy...
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Have her eyes always had different colored reflections, or is it something you just noticed?? The reason I ask...my cat Boo has always had one pink and one green reflective eye, if that makes sense. She has had two litters of kittens a long time ago and one in each litter was always a siamese colored one with blue eyes. Her siamese kittens had pink/red reflections and the other kittens,(black and white) would have green. I have always assumed that Boo must be half Siamese since her eyes are the way they are?? Of course,I may be totally wrong with my idea...but it's something I've always wondered about,too. I hope someone here knows for sure!! It's a question I've always wanted to ask,but kept forgetting to do!!
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I`ve only had her 6 months so I don`t really have anything to compare them with. Her eyes have always been quite cloudy though. You can see it better here-

I have no idea of her breeding or history either unfortunatley. I guess I could drop by the vets with the photos and see what they say? I will have to read up on cateracts in the mean time.
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My Fafeena has cataracts. She's 14 years old. Ideally her eye needs to be removed, but she will never survive the surgery. Pardon the minor hijack, but here is a pic where you can really see her eyes:

The one is completely clouded over. I treated her according to one vet & it only got worse. By the time I got her to another vet, he said there was nothing to be done other than remove her eye & he didn't reccomend the surgery in her condition.

What is the little drown dot on her one eye?
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Wow! That really is clouded, isn`t it?! It`s good to have something to compare Maisie`s with so Thank you.

I was just reading and some people recommend surgery to remove cataracts and some say there is no point!

Also found something that said their version of red-eye in flash photos can be blue, yellow, pink, or green. Haven`t found anything about them being different though.

The brown bits on her iris are just age related I believe. Don`t think they`re a problem. Think thats what the vet meant by changes due to her age.
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My Callie is about 12 yo and one of her eyes is starting to get cloudy. It's also started to get watery from time to time. The vet said this is normal as a cat ages. The weird thing I've noticed, is that due to the clouding up, sometimes that eye doesn't dialate the same as the other. It's so weird, but I know it's due to the forming of the cataract. I keep an eye on her and when she goes in to have her annual teeth cleaning, I'll have them check her eye again. (It'll be about 6 mos. since her annual checkup.)

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Maisies pupils are always quite dilated too! Unless she`s out the back and the sun is bright. She always looks cross even when she isn`t
I think they dilate more to let more light into the eye so they can see better but she`s quite daydreamy so I don`t know if it makes much difference
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