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Once again intro!

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Hi everyone,
now i'd like to take the time and tell you about my one and only furry purry love. His name is Eric and he's the sweetest silver tabby that ever was (as are all of your cat, i'm sure :-)). Unfortunately i cannot afford to keep more than one cat but anyway Eric is sooo spoilt and so loveable that he'll hardly like the idea. We live in Bulgaria (rings a bell to anyone?) and we can't wait to get to know you. I don't know much about computers sooo, please help me to find my way about.
Looking forward :-) and very happy to have found a bunch of soul mates at last
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Hello Billie!

Eric sounds wonderful! Do you have a scanned picture? We'd love to see him (and you )

I've heard that Bulgaria is a beautiful country and I would love to visit someday. I love having people from so many places! Your English is excellent! Are you a native speaker or have you spent some times in an English-speaking country?

I hope you stick around and post a lot! If you have any questions, just ask away and we'll be glad to help! Inm the meanwhile, you may want to check this thread:
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I dont think I have ever met a Tabby that I didn't like. One of mine is a Torbie and thankgoodness for the Tabby in her. Arent computers wonderful, we get to talk to people we never might have never met.
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Hi And Welcome.

Sandie you are so right. I love talking to all you guys and Billie I am sure you are going to it too.

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I already love it here. i wish i had more time to spend with you guys but alas i'm soo pressed for time and a computer.....

Anyway, i promise to use all chances available and to get to know you all as you are simply the best.

i hope to have a picture of Eric (and me :-)) scanned but unfortunately i don't think i'd be able to post it here. Maybe someone would be able to post it for me?
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Welcome to The Cat Site! You and Eric are the first people I've met from Bulgaria! I'm very happy you've joined us here.

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Hi Mr. Cat, nice to meet you too :-) :-) :-)
Feels like i finally found the right place in the Internet and most of all the right people
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I feel safe in saying that you'll find everyone here to be grade A tops!

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Eric sounds like an absolute doll!!!! And YES... we are your soul mates!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for joining us!!!!!!!!
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