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Young cat hit by car

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This is my first visit here so bear with me.

Frankie,my 18 month-old black siamese cross was hit by a car 4 days ago. He has been with the vet ever since.

We know that he has a fracture of the pelvis and an injury to his tail. The concern at the moment is that he has nerve damage because he isn't passing urine on his own. He has a catheter inserted and, although his pee was very bloody yesterday, it is clearer today. The vet gave him valium yesterday to relax the bladder. He has also produced a small motion this overnight or this morning without any intervention from the vet. He is eating and drinking normally.

Of course, the vet is being very cautious and, this being a bank holiday weekend, I have had to consult with them by phone.

I love this cat so much. The waiting is driving me mad. Has anyone had a similar experience and what was the outcome? Thanks.
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Hello! Hope your cat Frankie will be okay

Luckily we have not had a similar experience but just wanted to tell you best wishes & good luck with your cat Please keep us all updated on how your cat Frankie is doing!
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Will keep Frankie in our prayers for a good recovery with little problems. Hopefully you will consider keeping him INSIDE after this!

None of my cats go outside, so nothing like this happened to us.
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Hi there first of all good luck with Frankie.

My mum's cat got hit by a car some time ago, he also suffered very bad nerve damage and could not empty his bladder on his own. Unfortunately he had to be put to sleep for this reason. I think he was in a worse condition than Frankie though. It is a horrible time when you do not know what is going to happen next. I hope this doesn't happen to your Frankie. At least he is in good hands at the vet's. Fingers crossed for a full recovery for him!
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First off, Welcome to TCS!

The same thing happened to my friends cat about 2 months ago. He had a fractured pelvis and was on drips and catheterised. She had an anxious wait to see if he would go to the toilet on his own as the vet said there was no hope for him if he didn`t.
He did start to go to the toilet on his own and was allowed home but he had to stay in a cage for 6 weeks, I think.
He`s doing a lot better now and has been allowed out of the cage. My friend lays him on his favourite beanbag so he`s comfy.

So there is hope! I hope he gets better soon
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I'm going to see Frankie shortly. He has passed a motion this morning and his wee is clear. They are going to remove the catheter and see what happens.

The vet is pleased that Frankie is bearing weight on his legs. Obviously I will know more later on today.

Thanks for all your support.
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Sending mega healing Frankies way.

It's sounds good so i hope it's even better news when you go to see him
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Sending healing vibes. I'll be looking for more info after your visit.
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I hope Frankie is doing much better! Sending healing vibes!!
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I had one of my kittens get out one time. My sister was very young, and my little grey kitty Bella darted out right in front of a car. . . I was so upset. . . I hope your Frankie recovers soon! of healing and wellness!

I have also had to be without my little girl for some time when we got her. She had a horrible infection. The wait is terrible, especially when all you want is to hold them, and feel them purr! Good luck hon!
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