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I'm a refugee from the now defunct AcmePet.
I have 5 cats: 2 russian blues (Ivan & Yuri),
Khan who is black with gold eyes,Sasha Kara, a rescued bluepoint
snowshoe, and Razputin, a cat who defys description!
(Known as Razpy, he is sort of a inverse meezer. Although his litter mate arrived as a sealpoint meezer, Razpy turned out to be all chocolate brown, down to the whiskers, with 2 white toes on each front paw. He runs an insurgent cat organization at www.dafurr.com)
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WOO HOO another Russian Blue owner yippeeeeeeeeeeee!

Welcome from down under mate! Glad you are here! I am sure you will love it as much as we all do! You couldn't find a better bunch anywhere I reckon!

I have a Russian Blue Female, 5 months old that I am showing and hopefully will breed from next year. Also Proud owner of 2 domestics, Harry (male ginger) and Hayley (female Tabby) both 3 years old! I also have a stray called Amy who had kittens that are now 10 weeks old but Amy got away and has now come back preggers again (very disheartening and depressing. But the beautiful members on this site are helping me through all the hic cups along the way!

There are a few other members that have Russians, Russian Blue (bit self explanatory) Purringpanther also has R/B one Blue and one Black both male to name a few.

They are a bit crazy though so just humour them LOL! :tounge2:

Anyhoo A big Welcome!
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Tsar Ivan is on left, and Tsar Yuri is on the right.
They will be 6 at the end of this month. They
are siblings and very devoted to each other.Yuri is the smartest cat that Ive ever encountered, and rules the roost around here.
Ivan makes up for not being quite as smart by being a full time
lap cat and a very sweet boy.

Nice to meet you!

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Originally posted by Bundylee
They are a bit crazy though so just humour them LOL! :tounge2:
Ha! Speak for yourself Bundylee!!! The only bit crazy one's are the one's from Down Under

Well here I am, the second Russian Blue member to welcome you to this site! Welcome Lucia! I have a female Russian named Nakita and she just turned 7 months old today. If I ever had thoughts of getting a second cat they disappeared when I brought Nakita home. She's a handful!

Hope you enjoy your stay here and post many pics, we love them. If you want, you can go over to the lounge and post the pics there. That's where we usually brag about our furkids and talk about everything from A to Z.

Hope you enjoy your stay!

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Your boys look very spoiled and very regal! They are gorgeous!

As you can see Russian Blue owns a Gargoyle LOL! I am Nakitas cyber Aunty but Kass won't pass on any kisses!
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Originally posted by Bundylee
As you can see Russian Blue owns a Gargoyle LOL! I am Nakitas cyber Aunty but Kass won't pass on any kisses!
Yes, and I love my Gargoyle!! :tounge2:

And Bundylee, what are you complaining about?!? I gave you a B-Day message from Nakita. I can't keep traumatizing the poor girl with your Australian accent can I? I have to filter you slowly so Nakita understands that you are not an Aussie cyber stalker...Oi!!

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Go eat Vegemite!!! :tounge2:
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From Tatyana hehehehehe!!!!!!!1
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Good to see you Lucia. I like it here.
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They're beautiful cats! Welcome
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Welcome to the site Lucia. Your Blues are both gorgeous. Between Nakita and Tatyana and PurringPanther's two (and now your two), I've really grown a fondness for Blues. As you can see, we joke around with each other a lot and form some pretty good friendships here. Hope you will join us in the Lounge where most of our chatting takes place.
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Your cats are just beautiful, Lucia. We'll look forward to hearing more about them. Welcome to the site!
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Very beautiful cats, Lucia. And welcome aboard!
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Hi! What sweet furbabies you have. I look forward to seeing more! We love pics!
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Wow! Those are magnificent cats! Although I am a persian fan, I always have to oooh and ahhh at the British and Russian Blues. I think I need a blue persian.......just love that colour! Welcome!
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