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Cat Getting Growly With 'Da Bird'

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So I invested in 'Da Bird' for my two fluffers. Cat (the 3 y/o spayed female) went nuuuuuts. She will knock over the 10 month old to get to it (which is a role reversal for my 2) and she will not stop until she gets a hold of it.

When she gets it, she will usually huff and puff (even if she's only been chasing for a few seconds) and sometimes she'll growl quietly. Eventually she'll stalk off with her "prize" and if there's any resistance from the pole, she'll stop in her tracks and start up with the huffing/puffing/growling again.

She did this when she first encountered the 'Panic Mouse' and now she won't even look at the 'Panic Mouse.'

Is it ok to let her get this worked up while playing? Am I unknowingly encouraging aggression/anger? Or is this good excited behavior?

I haven't noticed her being more aggressive after 'Da Bird' is put away, but I want to make sure I'm not turning my sweetie into an angry maniac.

Thanks everyone!
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It sounds normal to me! She's reacting like she would with prey in the wild. Mooch and Noodles do that on occasion with their toys, but don't act aggressively toward each other, unless of course the other one comes over while they are with that toy. And then usually it's just a 'don't even think about it!' look! I'd say if you notice the kitties getting aggressive toward each other or people, etc. then it's time to put it away for a bit to see if that behavior continues.
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Frankie behaves that way with rabbit fur toys. She'll crouch over it, growling and drouling and won't let you near it or her until she's eaten every last bit of fur & hide! I'm sure it's natural behavior but it scares me a little so she's only ever gotten 2 rabbit toys in her life.
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I have a few that growl at Da Bird and some of them only growl only with Da Bird (once they have "caught" it). There's no aggression afterwards and I don't think yours will retain the behavior once Da Bird is safely put away. No, you're not going to turn your baby into a maniac!
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Pico LOVES Da Bird and growls and hissess at it, especially when he catches it. Then he tries to stalk off with it like your baby does. It's funny to see them...but yeah, it's just a normal instinct for them. This is how they would act if they were trying to catch their prey in the wild.

My Pico hasn't turned into a raving maniac, so I don't think your baby will either. Have fun with Da Bird!!
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Last night was Mia's first time playing with the Bird, she was the same way. I thought it was funny. Maddix is so much more paid back. Somehow they seemed to be taking turns who got it, it was very cute. Gotta love DaBird to wear out kitties for the night !!
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