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Aphrodite finally had her kittens!

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Just letting you all know, Ms. Aphrodite gave birth to two beautiful, healthy baby kittens this morning. She started labor at about 2 AM, and the first kitten was born at 5:30 (momma almost bit its head off during delivery, I got my hand in the way at the last minute and took that one for the team!), followed by a stillborn fetus at about 6:30, and a second healthy happy kitten at about 7:30. What a night!

Thank you so much for all the advice, and for this wonderful forumn. Thanks to the information we read on here, we knew how, and when, to pull the stillborn from her birth canal, and we knew how to seperate the last kitten from the umbilical cord.

Our only remaining concerns are as such:

1. Only two placentas came out with the healthy kittens. Nothing with the fetus, we already spoke to our vet about it, they said it happens when the fetus doesn't get to term.

2. The vet is concerned that momma may have FIV (She hadn't been tested after her... uhh... illicit rendezvous) and we need to have her tested.

3. We don't know when it's okay to take the dental floss off of live kitten #2's umbilical cord.

4. When is it okay to let the other cats in the household interact with the newborns? (Aphrodite's brother has been trying to bang the door down for hours.)

We'll post some pictures of the babies in a couple of days! Thanks again for all the advice and support!
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Congratulations on a healthy delivery!
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I tied cords with dental floss and never took it off - the cord will eventually drop off anyway. If the floss is too long and the kittens are getting tangled in it, then snip it off closer to the cord.

Sorry about the one little dead one but hopefully the rest will be healthy Post pics when you can

As far as other cat introductions - I'd keep them apart till they are 4-5 weeks old - when eyes fully open and mom is less nervous.
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Our cat Spooky had a delivery like Aphrodite.
# 1 - Healthy Kitten
# 2 was a stillborn that we had to help remove from her birth canal. Luckily the placenta came out!
# 3 - Healthy Kitten
At least we have two healthy baby kittens
Heres their photos! http://thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=139425

Our cats have been curious about the newborns. Some of our cats hiss & some of our cats have already welcomed them as part of the family!

Best Wishes for you, Aphrodite, and her new kittens!!
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I'd leave the floss on too, I haven't had experience but it can't hurt them unless too long as previously mentioned. One of Ziggy's babies cords dropped off at 2days, 2 at 8days and one still on - now 10days.

As for mummys brother, try and keep him away for now, he could get a tad jealous. Aphrodite will leave the kittens to stretch her legs in a few days so they can socialise then.

Congratulations on your new arrivals. Well done for stepping in when it was needed and for not losing your head for the excitement and worry. (Hope the hands okay!)

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Thank you so much for the advice! We will leave the floss on! We took momma and babies to the vet, they checked momma out and said there was nothing left in her, so we don't need to worry about that. As for her brother? Well, he figured out how to open a door! Momma just greeted him, and brought her kittens out to show him. He sniffed at them for a moment, then immediately started cleaning them! It all worked out for the best!

We will post pictures soon. We want to let their little eyes open up first!

Thank you again!
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I have to confess my Mitten got in the cage with kittens from his little Russian Blue sister and babysat them while she was out of the cage eating. She never minded that at all.

But normally I would keep the adult cats out for a few weeks depending on mom's reactions.
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Congrats to you and Aphrodite on her delivery! Barkley and Petunia send their as well and good
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