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sore throat

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My throat felt strange on Sunday morning. Yesterday, it was hurting more, and today it hurts to swallow. My ears are also plugged up. I dont have a fever. What does strep feel like? I figure if it doesnt get better by next week, I will go to the doctor, either that or an urgent care, where I dont have to have an appointment.
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Look for white spots on your tonsils! That might be an indication of strep, but it isn't always! Sometimes it is just YUCK back there. I don't think there really is any other indication of strep other than that as a possibility and a throat culture!

I have found that a flu shot helps me fight off things like that, as well. I haven't had as much as a COLD since I have had flu shots! The nurse told me that things that start colds, etc. could be strains of the flu virus.
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Sore throats are horrible. Whenever I feel like one is coming on (usually when there is a sudden hot to cold or cold to hot change) I start medicine (nyqil/dayqil) immediatley and gargle salt water 3 times a day for about 3 days. The salt water really helps me get rid of it.
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That is like me! But I also downed the orange juice/vitamin C thing.
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I just got rid of a nasty sore throat. It lasted close to a month. Wasn't strepp though. Even that little thingy (what's that called again????) was swollen to double it's normal size. It was so painful. I was starting to think it would never go away.

Orange juice, vitamin C, and gargling with water and salt are great things to do.

I also keep Echinacea on hand and it normally wipes out symptoms in a couple of days. Didn't work this time but it's a great natural product to try. Capsules or drops.
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I had a killer sore throat. Had to go to the 24 hour pharmacy for sore throat and cold neocitran, which helped. Then it developed into a horrible horrible chest cold. But not strep, so no antibiotics were necessary.
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I have blocked sinus cavities, or whatever you call them. Its hard to breathe and as a result I breathe through my mouth and I end up with a sore throat cos it is so dried up. But the salt water gargle is great for sore throats, my mother used to make me do that when I was growing up. The spray does help to relieve the symptoms for a short time.
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Speaking of sprays. Has anyone read the directions for those things???? I bought Cepacol throat spray once because my throat was killing me and I was having a terrible time swallowing. Anyways....part of the directions was "Avoid swallowing product" What??? I'm spraying the back of my throat and I'm supposed to do what after? You can't gargle and spit it out because it is just a mist. So, I swallowed anyways.
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Some instructions dont make sense LOL I swallow also, I dont have any choice!
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Come to think of it, maybe it means actually drinking the stuff?
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Yeah...that probably makes more sense. I guess some people may think the spray is actually a cough syrup and take a teaspoon. But, when I read it while I was sick, it made no sense.
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If people would think it was a cough syrup, it would defeat the purpose of the spray nozzle
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That's exactly what I was thinking. I'm just trying to understand why they would write that?

But then again, there are many products with weird instructions like:

Ice Cream: Keep in Freezer. Really????? I never would have guessed that one!!!

Sorry Tigger....looks like I've gone off track.

I'm trying to think of other sore throat solutions. Hey.....Nicolas just went to the doctors on sunday. He has tonsilitis. They prescribed him an anti-biotic and, the doctor also told him to eat lots of ice-cream! Seriously. He was so thrilled that this was ordered by the doctor. Just remember: keep the ice cream in the freezer. (I jsut had to slip that in there)
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Oh dear, I thought I was supposed to keep it in the oven. Now I am confused!
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See....I'm tellin' ya, sometimes I can dish out pretty useful information! I believe it also warns us that the product is cold so, just be careful. Although storing it in the oven may prevent that!
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You don't want to delay treating strep throat. That is a nasty little bacillus and, left untreated, it can affected your kidneys.

As a child, my brothers and I passed it around, every winter. When I was 15, I hit a home run: strep, tonsillitis AND mono - all at the same time! Guess that did the trick, on my immune system - haven't had any of those, since.
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Cindy, I got tonsilitis and mono at the same time also. I was about 18. I remember waking up in the hospital hooked up to IV and all. My fever had hit pretty high and I kind of blacked out.

Bottom line is: don't delay getting treatments.
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I had mono when I was in college. The Dr told me that it stays in your body for life, and it never goes away. So you can have recurring bouts of mono.
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Wouldn't you know it???? I freakin' woke up this morning with a SORE THROAT! I am sooo not kidding! All of it after I told you I had a flu shot...that I haven't been sick or anything in two years and la de da. NNNIIICCEEE!!!!!!!!!
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Kellye, I never knew that. Maybe that's why at times I feel so exhausted and have a hard time bouncing back.

Carrie, hope you feel better soon.
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Thank you Kinda weird with the karma, you know? lol Time for some Orange Juice!
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(((standing back))))
{{{{Covering my face}}}}

Get away you "sick" people!!!
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Always count on Lhezzza to be there when you need her!

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You can count on me to hold your hand...
Did you wash it first?!?!
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lmao With anti-backterial soap! Lysol, anyone? My sore throat is subsiding so I am wondering if I just had a case of some snoring last night!
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Bill has had a cold, for about a week. With all the wind, lately, my allergies are kicking up. Neither of us is sleeping well. I wake up about every two hours. The antihistamines knock me out but not for long.
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UGH! I have ONE white spot! Can you believe this? lol I respond to a sore throat thread and I get the stuff!

I am dying here....almost 2am and I am up because it hurts *sniff*
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UGH! I have ONE white spot! Can you believe this? lol I respond to a sore throat thread and I get the stuff!

I am dying here....almost 2am and I am up because it hurts *sniff*
I'm sorry your throat hurts.. It is no fun being sick! I haven't had "it" yet this year..(knocking on wood) Hope you feel better soon.
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The biggest sign for me that I've got strep is my tongue turns white. Aside from the swollen tonsils/white patches on tonsils. As a kid, I used to get strep throat BAD about 7-8 times a year. The worst part is that I'm allergic to penicillin and amoxicillin. Three years ago I got strep for 4 months straight! I went through about 6 different antibiotics. They did all kinds of tests for mono, etc, but the only thing that came out positive was the strep test! Luckily I've only had it once since then, but it put me out for 2 weeks.
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Marcy....I LOVE that picture of your kitties. Too cute.

Carrie....go get checked....Pronto!!!!

I woke up with a sore throat AGAIN. I have been fighting this for over a month. It comes and goes. They tested me for strepp but that's not what it is. This is definately not fun.

Lisa, I'm knocking on wood for you also!!!!

Myste, wow...4 months of strepp is definately something I do not want. Thank God that's over for you.
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