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Yet another problem

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This group of fosters has had one issue after another! Thanks for all of the help.

I think my little boy kitten is attempting to suckle from the little girl kitten's "area." It's very red and inflamed. I've heard of this happening with orphans, but not kittens with a momma. They're about 27 days old with no interest in weaning yet. Is there something I can put on the little girl, like Neosporin or Vaseline, that won't affect mom when she's cleaning or stimulating her?

Also, if he's doing this, is he not getting enough milk?
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I'm having that same problem as well(but my kittens are only 11 days old).

I have started to handle them more to wear them out and this seems to be working. I rarely have the problem any more.

As far as her poor bum, I think you can put some vaseling or olive oil. I wouldn't put any neosporin, just in case the boy tries to suck again, that could make him sick.

Keep us posted.
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Poor girl is getting worse. It looks scabby now. I tried to stimute her to pee, but she's not used to me doing it, and wouldn't go. I hope she's able to go. Someone from the shelter told me they'll give me Milotic (sp?) to put on the area. I guess it's an antibotic. Now I just have to wait for someone from the shelter to call me back so I can set an appt. to go in.
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I ended up having to seperate my kittens cause the black kitten started sucking even more on the white kitten's bum. >

Have you considered seperating them? The may be the best option.

Here's what I did with mine:

They each have a water bottle "warmer" and on the opposite end of the box the each have bags of hot water under the blankets, in case they get cold.

It took em a little while to get used to it, but now they're fine.
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I actually read in one of my kitten books that the author had a litter of orphans and one of them had this problem. One of her boys had to be put down because of severe damage to his penis. So this can be serious!

I have thought of separating them. The thing is, they have a mom and they're 4 weeks old now. So they're starting to explore, plus mom can move them where ever the heck she wants.

I have actually considered separating them from not only each other, but mom too. She's been playing really rough with them still. She actually hunts and pounces on them like they're mice. I worry that she may have hurt the one I lost.

Today I got so angry with mom for picking on the babies. I picked her up out of my foster room and took her to see my two (resident) male cats. It was only the second time they both met her. Domino hissed and ran and Monkey smelled her and cuddled up to her. So the meeting went ok, not as much kitty playing as I hoped. I thought Momma might have some energy to burn with my cats, but they weren't ready to play.

Our appointment is at 11 a.m. tomorrow, so I'll get some advice from the tech on what to do.
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Well, I guess that gives me something else to watch for with my newborns...

I hope everything works out alright for you, and for the poor babies.
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The tech said it didn't look infected, just sore. She said just to put vaseline on it. That won't hurt mom or the other kitten, and might help to keep the little guy away. The area did look much better today than it did last night, didn't look scabby at all, just red.
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Yeah! Glad to hear she's doing better.
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Thanks, another sigh of relief for now! I gotta find my camera's USB so I can share pics! The female kitten is sooo pretty. She has these huge eyes, is mostly calico, has one leg that has orange tabby markings...just adorable. She'll be adopted so quick from the shelter when she's ready. The male is an orange tabby and equally adorable

Next hurdle=weaning! Another post soon to come.
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