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Nicknames? Share Your Story!

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I'm just sitting here bored and thinking about some of the nicknames I've gotten over the years after reading a post by Diego where I'd asked him what Takezou was and found out it was his nickname!

So now I'm curious, what's your nickname/nicknames? And how did you earn them?
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Well, I don't know exactly how I got my nickname. My actual name is Malinda, but pretty much everyone I know calls me Manda.

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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles View Post
I'm just sitting here bored and thinking about some of the nicknames I've gotten over the years after reading a post by Diego where I'd asked him what Takezou was and found out it was his nickname!
Its funny when we make mistakes like that though.

I explained it in my first daily, but I too am bored so will re-explain it

I love the history of feudal Japan, as well as culture, the language, food and so on. Well back in '04 when I came here for my 2nd time, but on a working holiday, I was staying with a mate and his family (easier to say host family I guess, I met him in NZ first) now my real name is for some reason difficult to pronounce, even though it sounds Japanese. Anyway my host family decided to call me Takezou, which was the early name of the 16th century samurai who later changed his name to Musashi. The kanji is exactly the same however. Yeah even my mother has started to call me Takezou, which parents don't usually call their kids by any other name.

My first visit to Japan in '02 I made a cool friend and when he emailed me after I left, he kept calling me New Zealand's samurai, instead of by my name, that eventually got shortened to kiwi samurai, which is also my nick name on occasion.

Oh and Ice was a nickname too. Because I was just as cold.
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I guess I could answer my own thread here....

I have a few nicknames. Most are common, just shortened versions of my name like Leigh or Lee Lee.

One of my long time friends calls me either Leigh, Wee, or Wee Wee. This comes from a silly teenage day when we were out somewhere and, you can probably guess, I had to go! That would be the one that has stuck the longest!

One of the youth ministers at my church nicknamed me Marcia way back when too. It was around the time that the Brady Bunch Movie had come out. I'm not blond, but I did have very long straight hair. Plus I was only one of 2 white teens in the church. No lie. He was awful with names, still is actually, so most of us got nicknames. He could remember those strangely enough!

My last notable nickname came from a professor in college. He looked like Albert Einstein and had the funniest personality. He called me Michelobe, based off my maiden name. We called him Hazelnut. He even had that on his lab coat! He dubbed my best friend Zitz (also a spin from her last name). Other students were Mama and Banal. None of the names were given for offensive reasons. Most had some reason. I think it helped him remember us. One of my friends had him the year after us. Her initials were KK and she liked to write her name on her papers as K. K_____. So he called her either KK, or he'd get a goofy look in his eyes (similar to that wild cat eye look!) and repeat KK over and over again about oh 15 times in a silly cartoon voice! I know everyone in his classes knew that was just his way, but I always worried someone would overhear and think he was referring to a certain organization! Which he was most certainly not doing! (If my adding this part offends anyone, please PM me and I will edit it!)
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I got the name of Squeakers when I was in the Air Force. I was sitting in the radar room next to a Brigadier General, a Major, a Lieutenant Colonel, 2 Captains... basically a BUNCH of officers, when unexpectedly I started hiccuping while talking to the pilots over the radio! It wouldn't stop for over an hour! And I'm not talking about a normal hiccup, I squeak when I hiccup or sneeze. Everyone started laughing, even Major "B" who never smiles at anything! So, I earned the call sign Squeakers. And even now, out of the AF, my husband still calls me that.
I also have 2 internet aliases, Crystaline and Caelest. I love the name Caelest (Cay-lest) because it's derived from the Old Latin word Caelestis (Ca-les-stis), meaning heavenly.
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Red for my red hair, well, when I have hair
My parents call me That Girl or T.G.

I had my first name legally changed in 2000.
My folks try really hard to call me by my name, but when you change your name so late in life....
So I'm just That Girl most of the time
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Buzz, buzz droop, or buzzy....apparently I buzzed around a lot after I first started family still calls me that.
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I was called Dictionary in highschool by a couple of people because my last name was Webster. really original...
However it wasn't meant cruelly so I mostly just ignored it.

Family never really had any nicknames, and any names they did call me as a child aren't suitable to repeat on here.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn View Post
Red for my red hair, well, when I have hair
DH can't stand being called Red or especially Big Red! I guess it just got old to him! I think it's better than what some people called him in high school, which was Cheeto!
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My nickname is Umpa Lumpa, from charlie and the chocolate factory.
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My mom calls me scoot cuz she said before I learned to crawl I just kinda scooted every where.
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There are some good nicknames here. I have Criddy (my name is Christie) that one was given to me by my Boyfriends brother the first time i met him. The way he sees things is if you can take a joke and not get annoyed with him then your okay lol. He is a verry hyperactive person. Criddy was one of the things he was saying to me to see if he could annoy me, and it just stuck, there whole family pretty much call me that now. Then there are the names my Boyfriend gives me, most girls get things like "honey" and "Darling" from there BF's, but not me i get things like Butt head, Smelly bum and the like lol. Its all in good fun tho and he gets the same kinda ones back.
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My sister and my parents call me Jojo, because my name is Kelli Jo. I mentioned it to someone at work once, and now there's quite a few people who call me that. My initials are K. D. and a few people at work call me KD (we sign our initials on a lot of documents) - sort of sounds like Katy, and new employees have thought that was my name. My nicknames are nothing spectacular, but I kind of like Jojo.

BTW - very cute idea for a topic!
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My family has called me Weiner forever. It's a rather funny story, and it makes sense.

See, my name is Angela. When I was a baby, they called me Angelina. Angelina warped into Ange-weina, then to Ange-weiner, then finally to just Weiner.

So now, whenever I go over there, I get called Weiner

Other than that I don't have any nicknames, lol, but I think that's enough of one for quite a few normal ones!
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I have had some weird nick names over the years.

Some used to call me cousin it because of my long hair (its down to my butt) and would want me to put my hair in front of my face to look like him. *Please dont call me that! *

I have been called Betty Boop.

Betty Boobs and bazooka (when I was younger and my chest filled out faster than everyone elses)

For a while some called me Kat because of the movie Casper. Everyone used to tell me how much I looked like Christina Ricci.

And the normal one.. Rach by family and friends.
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