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Neutering questions

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I'm taking my boy to get neutered in the morning. I think I'm honestly more worried at the idea that I have to get up early, which I haven't done in two months and try to wrestle him into the carrier half asleep! (though we did do a practice run today and he handled it ok, I've been following some of the tips in the article on here to get him used to the thing) Back to the point... I was just wondering what to expect when he gets home? How will he feel and behave and how long before he's his old self again? I do feel a little bad that he's losing his bits but I know it's best for him (and me because he just started spraying this week)
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My four boys had no problems with the surgery. They may have been a bit tired or sluggish when they came home the afternoon of the surgery. By the next day they were fine and behaving normally.

I'm sure your boy will be fine. And, yes, it is better for him. Positive vibes for an easy surgery to him.
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If you're worried how he'll feel after, opt for the pain meds.

All the male cats I've been around after they were neutered were a little tender after the pain meds wore off, understandably so. If they accidentally sat down too hard they'd stand back up or shift to a better position, and they weren't so eager to do a thorough grooming down there till the next day.
That was really the only discomfort I've ever noticed.
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Not to worry! I've always had my male cats neutered, and it's really not a big deal (easy for me to say, huh?!.) They're a little sore for a few days afterwards, but I've never noticed them being in any extreme pain. If you're worried about your baby's discomfort, you can get pain meds from the vet to bring home. I always purchase some just in case, but so far, there hasn't been any need for them. The "boys" were usually running around and playing the next day - albeit a little more slowly..

Your little guy will be okay!

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Sonic is the one of mine who had a normal neuter (Radar had his umbilical hernia fixed at the same time which is much more serious surgery) and when we got him home he jumped out of his carrier and was running around just like normal. He didn't need painkillers or a cone. He looked a bit sore down there the day after, was a bit careful when he sat down, and gave it a bit of a very careful lick, but by day 2 it had healed up nicely. The incision is tiny and rarely causes any problems beyond being a little tender the first day.
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Males usually bounce back a lot sooner as its not major surgery like a spay would be. He may be a little sore/tired for a day or two. Just be sure to keep the area clean after he uses the pan.

It will take about a month for the hormones to be out of his system, so keep him far away from any unspayed females - he can still get them pregnant!
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Seamus got home this evening with the stupid cone on his head and has been waddling around and bumping into things... He's been trying to give me lovin by rubbing up on my leg and gets mad he can't. He used the box... but he made a little mess of himself because I didn't think to take the cover off because he can't maneuver with the cone... I chased him around trying to clean the pee off him, he was rolling around furiously trying to lick himself clean... he's himself except he's a little jumpy, won't sit for very long, and is mad he can't lick his area. I'm amazed at the spunk, almost like nothing has happened... fighting to get the cone off his head and lick himself, running around... less than 12 hours ago he was getting snipped.

I felt bad when he peed himself and was crying cause he was dirty, but I think I managed to wipe him down pretty good and he cleaned himself as best he could... (Any tips on how I can be sure he's clean down there?? He won't sit still long enough to let me do much) and now, honestly because he has his personality back I just keep laughing at him with that stupid cone on his head rolling around, walking backwards, trying so hard to get a lick in or tear off the cone... now he's laying here rolling around, laying on his back looking at me for attention, waiting for me to say "Aww" as I do whenever he's on his back. Amazing little guy...
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I would take the cone off, unless there is a big problem, I have never ever had to use one on a cat before. They are pointless in most cases and jsut make the cat mad
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PS... I was told cone for 5-7 days and pain meds for 5 days... he seems like he'll be fine tomorrow... Opinions??

I got so into the funny behavior he's been exhibitingI forgot my question
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He's been trying to lick down there a lot so I'm going to give the cone a shot til at least tomorrow...
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well a little licking is okay, I never had to use them and I have never gotten paid meds before either, even for females.
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Originally Posted by Jen View Post
I would take the cone off, unless there is a big problem, I have never ever had to use one on a cat before. They are pointless in most cases and jsut make the cat mad
I agree w/ Jen. I can't even count how many male cats I've had neutered, and not even one of them ever needed a cone. I'm actually surprised your vet would reccommend one, b/c it's really a pretty simple procedure. A little licking is normal: he's not gonna tear any stitches out or anything.

The only time a cone was ever really needed for one of my cats was when the cat developed an abcess from a cat fight, which became infected and had to be lanced & stitched up. The vet reccommended I keep the cone on him for about a week, for fear the cat would tear open his stitches. I felt so sorry for him, b/c he kept bumping into things and couldn't jump up onto anything like he was used to doing. Not to mention the fact that the poor guy couldn't even lie down properly to get any sleep.

i really don't think the cone is necessary, but if you feel better leaving it on, that's up to you! But I think your little guy would be alot happier w/ it off.

I'm happy to hear he's doing okay!

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I just got Zeek neutered a few weeks ago and opted for the long lasting pain killer while he was under. He came home fine, ran out of his carrier and cleaned himself up (he peed in the carrier b4 i got to the vet to pick him up) ate a little (didnt give him to much at start just in case) and he was fine, didnt even look like he hurt at all. So he was his same old self as soon as he got home.
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I've never been given a cone for mine and there's never been a problem so I'd take it off and see how he manages. Unless he's licking the area a lot I wouldn't bother with a cone. I think that's likely to cause more problems than the actual surgery. Mosi came back from the vets like nothing had happened and just picked up where he'd left off. I seem to recall Jaffa being a teeny bit sleepy the day he came back, but he was back to normal by the next day.
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Even Radar didn't have a cone after surgery and he had an incision down his abdomen and 5 stitches. I'm really surprised that the vet suggested one, was it not a normal neuter? They are normally healed up after 2 days
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No cones here either for Bijou or Mika.
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