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Guys, I need some prayer assistance

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My ex-husband's girlfriend just called. It seems my ex has been in the hospital for a week now with an unknown illness (parasitic virus) He wanted me to call him and I just got off the phone.

This man is 6'5" used to run with the Hells Angels (when we were married) and is the toughest s.o.b. I have ever known. I could barely even hear his voice, and he broke down on me and told me he is dying. I do not know if this is true, about his dying, he said the doctors do not know what is wrong with him, but he feels like he is dying.He just broke a 106 fever! He can keep nothing down- everything is cutting loose from him. He is very scared and said he wanted to make touch with me and apologize for all the crap he did to me when he and I were together.

For Don to sound like this, to be so weak and so out of it, is really scaring me. I can imagine how scared he is himself. Six years ago he entered Rehab and got clean and we became friends again. He is a succesful businessman now and he needs your prayers and positive energies. Please direct those thoughts to him now.

Thank you
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Positive energy coming out for you. It's so disconcerting when you see someone so strong being so scared. I felt like that with my mother.

Hoping that Don has the strength to pull through and the Drs. have the knowledge to find and treat the problem.
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Prayers for him, I hope he recovers soon.
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WOW! How scary! Prayer and Positive Energy directed his way!! Hope he recovers, Hissy!!!

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I'll keep both of you in my prayers, too.
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Prayers coming from me too Hissy, he will be in my thoughts also!
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You both have ours. Positive energy on the way.
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Prayers and positive energy are on the way for Don and the doctors who are treating him. Hopefully, they will be able to help him.
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Prayers and best wishes from Nebraska!!
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Prayers from us. I'm so sorry to hear this.

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We are thinking of you Hissy and lot's of positive healing thoughts for Don! I am so sorry to hear this is happening.
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You all have my prayers.
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the magic this board has is incredible! I just got off the phone with Don's girlfriend. He has now been diagnosed with food poisoning. It appears while they were at the casino, he went back to the clam chowder table several times.
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That is a relief! Food poisoning is no joke, I ended up getting gastroenteritis, and was sick like a dog for about 2 weeks. Wow, the power of prayer here really does work! :blubturq:
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To quote Homer Simpson: Woo-Hoo!
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MaryAnne, just read this...

I was going to send prayers but am relieved to hear that they have already been answered.

Hope he boucnes back quickly. (I'm guessing he can't be 100% better yet...) He'll probably need a little time to rest and get his energy back.
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YAY!!!!!! Glad to hear he is pulling thru and feeling better, Hissy!!
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I just read this post and I am so glad he is on the mend!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That teaches one not to eat from those type of of buffets since you never know how long the food has been sitting around.
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Blessings to you for asking for prayers for him. And may many angels surround you, and Don and your families. May you all find great strength and hope in this crisis.

If God takes you to a problem, he will see you through it.

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Yeah! I just read this and I am glad he is doing better!
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I just now saw this! I am really glad that Don is going to be okay!!! That was nice of him to want to apologize to you.
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Glad to hear they found out what was wrong. Praying that he is on the mend...
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Crap! Just got a couple of calls, and he has had a relapse. An old friend who knew us way back when called to me it really looks bad. I am at a loss as to what to do? Would you pray for him please, his name is Don. I may have said that name before I can't remember right now. His fever is back and he is coughing up blood again, and has other symptoms I won't go into and no, he is not a smoker.
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Good lord Hissy I can't believe it!!! Holding him in my thoughts!
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Awww...I thought everything was on the mend?

Keeping you in my thoughts and sending *healing* vibes Hissy!

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Dang! I was just catching up, and was so pleased to hear the good news...then dang!

I'm so sorry to hear this!!!!! I will keep Don in my prayers.
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Don is in my prayers also. I hope he makes a speedy recovery

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Sending positive thoughts, I hope he gets better again.
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I'll say some more prayers for him, too.
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Hissy -

Saying prayers for Don and the doctors treating him. Warm thoughts streaming through to you, too.
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