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I need reassurance.

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Well, here's the story. We had two cats- my brother's 13 year old cat Wick, and our just-over-one-year kitten Simon. My brother got back from his year-long stay in Japan and we of course returned Wick to him. Simon seemed terribly lonely and bored so we went out today and got another kitty, a 2 year old longhair tabby/white (not yet named) girl. She seemed a real sweetheart in the car- rubbing against our hands when we'd put our fingers in the carrier, etc- but of course as soon as we got home and she and Simon got wind of each other... bam. hissing and hiding and poofy tails galore. Well, we did set her up a safe room- the bedroom- with toys and food and water and a litterpan- but she's hiding under the bed and WILL NOT come out come what may. I guess I'm just worried she'll... not eat... or use the floor as a litterbox so she won't have to come out from under the bed.. or something. Simon is trying desperately to get into the bedroom but the one time I let him in by accident the hissing started again. I just... I guess I just need reassurance that she will, eventually, come out and be okay with us... Simon and her may never really get along, but they will eventually tolerate each other, right? This is so early in the process, I know, but I'm both impatient and really worried. She will not budge from that spot under the bed... poor scared kitty.
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Time and patience are key. Confine her to a room by herself for a few days. Make sure you include all ammenities. She's scared and in a totally new environment so you don't want to overwhelm her. Take her to your vet ASAP to have a thorough check up, and definitely before introducing her to your other cat.

Read the post on introducing cats. You'll get lots of helpful advice.

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We had a war break out between our two youngest cats that were fine with each other up until then. After the hostilities began Lela (the youngest) would get under the dresser and not come out. She'd eat under there and use the bathroom under there as well. She would come out if we were in there. The way our bedroom was laid out she couldn't see much of the room from where she was looking out. We made sure she could see 360 degrees around the room. She would eventually come out more and more when she knew she was alone with us. Bit by bit we started letting her be around, or smell the other cats and now she wanders the house like the rest. The two still don't get along but neither are confined.

...otherwords, give it time. You'll be alright.
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It's almost always this way when you introduce a new cat into the household: the new kitty hides under the bed, and the older "residents" are usually trying to get to them! Cats are very territorial, and will defend, what they think, is rightfully theirs! Just give it time, and they'll adjust. In all the years I've had cats, I've never had too many problems when introducing a new roomie to the others. They just do things on THEIR terms, and when they're ready.

I don't think you need to worry too much about the kitty not eating or not using the litterbox. She'll most likely come out at night to eat and relieve herself, when she feels safer. In a few days or so, she'll probably be best buddies w/ your other cat.

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I agree with the others, she'll come out and eat, probably when it is quiet and there is nobody about.

I hope she soon comes out for some cuddles from you.
Some hissing etc is normal when introducing new cats to each other, as said It's a terrotory thing.

Just give her time, she'll slowly come out.

You could try sitting on the floor talking to her in a calm voice or calling her, she might come out to see you. I personally, and this is only my personal view, wouldnt try and pull her out from under the bed, or try forcing her out in anyway, unless you need to ( Ie to get her to vets, as suggested you should get her checked over). She might feel like your invading her hidey hole if tried doing that.

Good luck, I am sure all will be fine
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Just wanted to chime in with things you probably already know, but it's good to get reassurance when things are so stressful!

It is very early days yet with your kitties. Simon is so confused by this intruder and the new cat is probably pretty scared that Simon is going to harm her!

When we got our second (a very people-wary feral), he was in the bathroom (no bed to hide under) and we gave him a cardboard box that was his safe haven. He had full visibility to anyone coming in or around him which probably helped. He would come out and explore our tiny little bathroom when he felt safe (probably when our resident cat was napping and we were at work) because we did notice food was eaten, water levels were lower and the litterbox used.

So if you leave new kitty alone with the door closed and no intimidation from Simon and notice signs of all normal cat activity takes place, don't worry. She will come out when she's ready.

Good luck! Keep us posted!!!
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Phew. Thanks, guys, I do feel better.

Still no progress today but it's only been 12 hours or so, haha. I'm a tiny bit concerned because as far as I can tell she hasn't moved a single inch since last night- still in the exact same position in the same spot- but I could be wrong, she's hard to see all the way under there, haha! I knelt down and looked under the bed and talked to her for a bit this morning before going to work, and I pushed the food to one end of the bed and the litter to the other end so that she doesn't have to go far to use them if she wants them. I'm really hoping that maybe tomorrow she'll come out a bit and see us- if only to eat.
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The good news is that it sounds like your cats are totally normal! It's probably going to take some time for them to adjust. It has everything to do with personality. No worries! They'll have it sorted out before too long. Keep us posted!
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I just looked under the bed to talk to her a bit and see how she was doing... I think she was eating because she was up near the food dish and licking her lips, which is good (we pushed the dish under the bed) but when I started talking she retreated further under the bed and meowed a couple times... and hissed at me. This is gonna be slow going.
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Well, some.
I turned around a bit ago and she had stuck her head out from under the bed. My fiance came into the room, too, and as we watched her she came out and begged for petting! She let us pet her for a while and then ran back under the bed. She's been eating well but still hasn't used the litterbox. Well, there's always tomorrow! I just hope she doesn't give herself a UTI or something...
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Originally Posted by Beccory View Post
Well, some.
I turned around a bit ago and she had stuck her head out from under the bed. My fiance came into the room, too, and as we watched her she came out and begged for petting! She let us pet her for a while and then ran back under the bed. She's been eating well but still hasn't used the litterbox. Well, there's always tomorrow! I just hope she doesn't give herself a UTI or something...
"Baby steps" are the key! She'll come around, but on her own time!

And from my own personal experience, female cats are usually more hesitant about warming up to "strangers" than male cats are. Not always, but in most cases....

I'm happy to hear she's coming around!

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more progress! She came out and sat on the bed with us most of the night! She did wake us up 4 or 5 times wanting attention/reassurance but I'm sure that will pass as she becomes more comfortable. She even cuddled up between us for a while! hooray!

...still no litterbox though...
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Victory! She has now used the litterbox! and she let my fiance brush her. She seems to really love being brushed, which is great because our old longhair hated it and would have the most HORRIBLE hairballs almost daily.
Step two- operation make the kitties be friends- can now commence! Woohoo!
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