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Funny, if unsettling little story about his brother leaving stuff on. We were over at the in laws one day and his brother had used the gas grill outside to cook himself something. Later that evening when we were leaving we noticed the thing was still on.
Been there too! Sometime last summer I let the dog out into the back yard, and could smell propane. I was pretty sure it was propane, but not absolutely. If I had smelled it in the house, I would have for sure called the fire department. So I wander out onto the porch and over to the grill. Yup. The gas was still on!! We hadn't used it in about 10 days!! I told him about it the next day when I saw him, and he had to go get the tank refilled. That is the only time he has done that, but that really scares me. I'm a chicken.

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Laundry is a foreign concept to him, although, if something really needs washed and I'm not here or I'm not going to do it, he will overcome somehow and get it done.
hehehe My DH is not allowed to do laundry. I have caught him doing it before. He stuffs absolutely everything into the washer at one time. As full as it can be. I don't even know how it holds water after that!

Then he will turn the dryer on for 2 hours.... even if there is just a couple of things in there. I would come home from work, he would be watching TV. I would hear the dryer and immediately run to it. It still has about 50 minutes left and everything in there is crunchy!!

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Mine does most of the same things!! Plus more.
He walks right by our built in hamper and puts his clothes he wears once he comes home from work there...right past the the hamper it blows my mind!!
After I do laundry, I put his hamper back by his closet (we have those separate too). When I decide to go do laundry, I pick up his clothes off of the floor right by the hamper and put them in there myself to take to the laundry area.

Oh well. He works 70-80 hours a week so that I can go to school and not have to worry about working. I just got a PRN shift at a hospital, so I am working occassionally. I figure that I can go behind him and do all of these things for him, although sometimes it does drive me crazy!!