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Drama cats anyone?

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Man I have 2 drama cats around here right before supper time. Ping will open the cabinet where his food is and then stare at me. Next comes the leg rubbing. Then he will stretch up to the counter where I am standing and swat at my hands. Then if I walk out of the room he will follow me until I make his plate.

Pong well he has learned how to open the food cabinet. But he will look at me then fall over on his side. As if he is so starved he can't even stand anymore, put a paw on my leg and just look at me. And just like Ping if I walk out of the room before their plate is down they follow me until they get their plate.

Any one else?
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Trouble is the drama cat.
They are free fed and if the bowl has less than a cup of food in it, Trouble will gripe and gripe and gripe until it's filled.
He's convinced he'll starve.

They all drink from the kitchen faucet and he'll do the same thing if someone turns the faucet completely off.

Spaz only resorts to drama over raw meat or cheese.
She starts crying and sounding like someone is choking her because she's salivating too much.
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Popsie is such a drama boy, with everything. If I pick on him he'll give me this whiny meow like hey leave me alone. He's such a big baby.
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Angel is our drama kitty. She's so vocal! She tells us right away when the food bowl is getting low.
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Pepper cries like someone is killing him when he can see the bottom of his food dish. I free feed the cats so they always have food in there dishes, but if there are crumbs or, heaven forbid, the food gets pushed to the side and they can see the bottom, then Pepper cries like he is starving!
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Paris is the drama queen. She actually can count! I give them a few treats at a time. If she sees even one more treat in Cairo's pile she'll shove her out of the way and claim the pile. For their dry food they eat out of a continuous feeder. If the feeder is half way empty she'll paw at the canister and meow until I fill it. Then she'll walk away without even a bite... her work is done.
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Noodles is subtly dramatic I guess. Once she sees me with a can of her food she sits on the stool next the counter and stretches up to watch me put the food on the plate. This is all accompanied by her lil squeeks and chirps!

The other day as I was filling the bowls, she head butted my hand and spilled the food I was pouring!
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Aren't they all a bit dramatic at times?

Chevy has a habit of using our legs as scratching posts when he wants our attention.

Summer will pace around the apartment and meow at us loudly if we go away overnight when we come home.
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My cats are free fed, and heaven forbid, it has sat in the bowls for an hour, cause Spook goes straight to the bag, and starts chewing on it , biting holes in it, or taking his claws and popping the bag until I pour some fresh, he has also started sitting right behind me when i am cooking, and if this isn't good enough, he stands on his hind legs, his front two paws land on the back of my thighs, and starts kneeding , or like they are a scatch post!
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Zeek is so a drama queen at wet food time. The second you go into the kitchen he will cry like he is starved untill you get him his food, he will sit right in front of the cupboard where his food is to making it hard to open the door lol. Also before he will eat his dry food he makes me follow him into the kitchen like there is no food in his bowl. But if i just move the dry around with my finger he will eat it right up. He is weird.
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Casey should win an OSCAR for his starving "I haven't been fed in ten years!" performances!
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I think ALL cats do the drama thing now and then. I just couldn't imagine life without them!!

Mittens, the Baby, will wait and wait and stare and stare and meow sometimes until I get up to feed her. She also sometimes rolls over on her back and does tricks just so I think she is cute; and if I think she is cute, I will immediately get up and feed her.

Cassy, the Doll, will stare and glare a deadly stare like she is starving to death, puts her ears back and just sits there waiting for the slave to feed her.
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I have 2 feeders for dry food, they sit on a tray to keep the food off the floor. Pepper will stand on her back feet and push the tray around until I get tired of listening to the noise or re fill it. She will do this with the water jug, too. If I let it get too low, she can knock it off its stand and get water all over the place. If I scold her for any of this behavior, she will fall over and act like she is about to draw her last, starving breath.
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Chablis is just constantly dramatic. I guess thats what we get for naming him after a drag queen...
If he decides he is hungry he will dash in front of your feet when you are walking and try to trip you, then fall over and give the most pitiful barely audible meow noise. And will try to herd you into the bathroom where their food is.
Joey could care less...
Kahlua is getting more dramatic as she gets older....
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My Kitty is a total diva. I honestly think she believes she is a princess. That may be partially because I trat her like one.
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