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Tuxedo cats/b&w cats...a breed of their own?

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Are black and white cats a breed of their own? If so, why doesn't anybody ever breed them? If it is a genetic color pattern, why don't we see b&w British shorthairs, b&w siamese, etc? I've been wondering about this for AGES and finally decided this would be the place to ask my question! Cindy W.
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I know that tuxedos & black and whites are not their own separate breed, just a color pattern generally found in moggies. I am very partial to B&W's too.

I'm going to move this to the breeders forum since they know WAY more about genetics and color patterns than I and can answer this question much better than I.
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Siamese develop their color points on the colder parts of their bodies. I had a black cat with Siamese conformation, personality, and voice, but she was still a domestic shorthair.

There are man made breeds and colors, but as far as I know, no one has tried to breed a Tuxedo Siamese. Tuxedo cats are very pretty, but a black and white Siamese with tuxedo markings would be considered a DSH.
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I guess the closest you could get to a Tuxedo Siamese would be a Tuxedo Oriental. The Siamese by definition is a pointed cat. The gene is recessive.

I've never seen a bi-colour Oriental, I think a friend told me that somebody is breeding them in Australia, but I'm not sure if that is in fact correct. I'm just looking at one website & it says the Oriental comes in 155 colours.

Also, we don't use the term "Tuxedo" in Australia. Is there actually a difference between a bi-colour & a tuxedo?

I think my cat Eliot would be classified as a Tuxedo.



PS: Just found this site, which is probably the Australian breeder my friend was referring to. She has some photos of Bi-Colour Orientals here. As you can see, they look like Siamese, but aren't pointed.

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Here is my baby! Cindy W.
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AW Hattie is a real doll! I don't know if I'm sorrect in thinking this, but I think of tuxedos as being mainly black with a white chest and some white on the paws and face - like they are wearing tuxedos . Bi-colored would be mainly white with black splotches on them. My Baby Doll (Ophelia) I would consider bi-colored.
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That's my definition too, Heidi.
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Thanks Yes, my impression of what would be a bi-coloured would definitely be Ophelia, whereas Eliot I'd consider to be a tuxedo. She just has the white bib & stockings.

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I have never heard of this description before What would you call my old boy?
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Hmmmmm. We'll have to vote on this little beauty. I think he's wearing a tuxedo with a white shirt that comes up rather high. And he has white socks with no shoes. Goodness, I guess he's kind of a mod tuxedo kitty--not very formal or proper. He's his own man, probably rebelling against society. Has he had any problem with the juvenile authorities? I'd watch him carefully if I were you! (lock the liquor cabinet.) My guess is he'd be a ladies' man if he could. That'll be $20 for the analysis, please. Hey, maybe I could get a job on the Animal Planet making up stories about what goes on in kitty cat brains! I vote Tuxedo. By the way, Krissi, he told me he's not an old boy. He said he's young, and that you're hurting his young feelings. That's $10 more, please!
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He will be ten years young this year! The man about the house! Mod tux, huh? He will like that...
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Great pics!

Where I come from tuxedos are known as "Huddersfield black & whites", as this town traditionally only has black/dark brown, white, and tuxedo cats. Any cat of colour has come from another area - or are "breeds". Ronnie, my tabby, came from a city shelter about 25 miles away. My friend's ginger cat came from another city shelter about 30 miles away. All my other friend's cats are black, white or tuxedo. And all short haired moggies.
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If you own or like tuxedo cats you should just have a look on this site:


I think I have a tuxedo too.

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Oh my, what a beauty looking ever so regal!
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I have 2 Tuxedo boys! I love B&W cats, they are so adorable!

Here are my boys!


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They are so beautiful. Someday I have to have one, and an all black cat again, and a black cat with only 4 white paws, and, and, and.....Oh, let's face it! We just love cats. But I'm a real fan of the black varieties!
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Oh my Crazy-Cat-Lover, Peppur looks like such a character! :tounge2: By the way, please let me know how you do that strip at the bottom of your message with all the pics of your cats. It's great!
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Peppurr is the craziest cat I have ever known! He climbs up the opening to the living room!

Here's a thread that explains how to use your personal signature!

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