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Yay rain!

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I just stood out in the rain, some nice nickel sized hail too, it was glorious.

The first real precipitation we've had since June.
Being from the Pacific NW, that did wonders for my mood.
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Ah, a fellow lover of storms! I know just how you feel. Last summer, when we had 59 straight days of rainless 100+-degree weather -- well, you can imagine the despair we felt down here. And then one day, I heard a spatter of rain on the skylight, and I ran outside... I swear, I literally danced in the street!

Some of the neighbors came out too... but I'm not sure whether they came for the cloudburst or to watch the crazy lady spinning around in the rain...
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Isn't that a wonderful feeling? I stood out in the rain yesterday morning...It was so peaceful..it was just barely spitting and it felt so refreshing
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I love it.
I also love the smell of fresh rain as it hits dry earth.
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I also know how you feel..I lived in California for 6 years & believe it or not, I hated going all summer without a drop of rain. I missed Florida's storms so bad.
And now, back in Florida, I am still missing them, cuz we haven't had a big one in weeks! This is our storm season, too so it's kind of weird. Our grass is parched & I feel the same way.
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I can relate! Last night was the first rain we had seen at our house in over a month! It was such a wonderful thing to see.
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