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Is Jack too thin?

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To me Jack still seems thin. He's approximates 8-9 weeks old and when he went to the vet a couple of weeks ago he weighed 2.3lbs. The vet didn't seem concerned that he was too thin, but I can really feel his ribs. He gets plenty to eat throughout the day. I always thought kittens were kind of pudgy and he's not. He's been wormed also. Should I be concerned?
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I think at that age I would not be too concerned as long as he is eating and drinking fine and also can relieve himself fine also. I'm sure in a couple weeks he will gain weight.

If he goes off the food or you see he's not pottying regularly go back to the vet.
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That's how much my kittens weighed at that age. I have read that gaining a pound per month is normal for kittens, so at 2 months, they should be 2 pounds. I was worried about my cats' weight when they were almost 4 months old (they were almost 4 pounds, but I still worried they looked too little), but they are starting to fill out more now.... I think that, as long as he gains weight every week, he is ok.
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He's been eating, drinking, and pottying just fine. And he's definitely growing! He's very active and he seems very healthy, just looks a little thin to me. Maybe soon he'll start to gain a little more weight.
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For average cats you should figure about a pound per month or a bit more - so its sounds right. Kittens grow fast, but if you want, feed an extra meal per day for the next month.
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He sounds fine. My Jack eats more than the girls with him being little, but if you look at him in fur pictures he's thin with lanky legs.

Sophie was the same at his age and she's really filled out now, especially after her spay.
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