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it's been a long time.

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hello everyone, old & new and a special hello to colby, deb, and mary anne
i see you guys are still kicking around.

it's been so long i don't even know what to say, or ask, or tell you about, so why don't you come
in and tell me about you and how things are with you, and how things have been, tell me everything.

i've missed you all, i hope you have all been well.

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Hey Kate! Its nice to see you back. You're alpahbet game is still going here.
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Hi Kate! Mary Anne and Anne launched a new site called www.meowhoo.com. Anne has been working with The Israeli Cat Welfare Society An Important Issue Underway among many things (having a baby - I don't know if this was her first or not - putting up with bombings and the threat of war in Iraq...I don't know how she manages!!!!!!!!!).

Debby had a little girl, Amber Pictures of Amber who is just the cutest thing! Debby struggled with the hated fact she had to go back to work, but is doing fabulous as a new mum!!!!

I don't see Colby around much, so that's about all I have to say, except Hi!

(I only joined in June, so don't think you're supposed to remember me!)

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hi spooky i saw the alphabet thread & i can't believe it's still going
it's grown tremedously.


hi. thanks for the welcome, and information

i think i was still around when Anne gave birth,
it may have been around the time of my untimely exodus.

it's nice to see Debby had a healthy baby girl,
i know how much she had wanted to have a child of her own.

it was nice meeting you, take care.
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Blue, You don't know me well, but I wrote to you a while ago. You were taking care of your mother. It's nice to see you back. Is there good or bad news about your mom?
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Hi Kate, good to see you back around. Your alphabet game took on a life of its own you know!!:tounge2:

Everything here is same old same old, and one of our newer members Laurie gave you a good run down! We have lots of great new members who I think you'll get to know and love!! There are too many to list here, but there is a whole brood of them!

Are you going to stick around for a while??
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Welcome back Blue! I think I was just a Kitten or Young Cat when I last saw you around. I don't know if that says more about how long you've been gone or how much of a blabber mouth I've been. I have to admit, many of those posts of mine came from your Alphabet Game. I swear it has to be close to a world's record for most posts in one thread. LOL

It's good to see you back, and I hope you can stick around for a while this time.

P.S. Colby is around, she just isn't as blabbery as the rest of us.
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How are you doing? My but you have been missed! I have wondered about you ever since I heard about your mom. I am so sorry for your recent loss. Hugs((((((((((((())))))) Hugs((((((((()))))))and more Hugs(((((((((((()))))))))))))

The Alphabet Thread is still alive-thanks largely in part to Mr. Cat who keeps coming back to kick it into gear! It is monstrous now!

So nice to see you!!!! Please stick around this time!

Colby has been really busy, but we still get together through PM's and on the phone. I know she will stop in and say her hellos.
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jeanie g.

yes, i remember your pm, and it was nice of you to take the time to ask about my mother.

most of you don't know that around the time i took a break from TCS & internet life,
my mother had fallen ill with cancer.
she had lung cancer, and three malignant brain tumours.
it was a very sudden onset of sickness that none of us were prepared for,
or ever could have been.
she was diagnosed on May.9th, 2002, and she died, July.4th, 2002.

it has been 6 months since her passing.

the last 2 months of her life were spent with her family in a quailty hospice house center.
she had a beautiful room on the corner with 3 windows, and a lovely view of the sunset each night.

she took her diagnosis with grace & strength,
and she passed very peacefully with my brother, sister, father, grandma,
and myself in the room, holding her hand, at her side.
she said, "i love you" in a whisper, and she was gone.

here is an image of her, in her youth. she was a beauty.
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dtolle- hello nice to see you, again.

i don't have the same leisurely time i used to, but,
i will certainly try to stop in a bit more often


well, i'm glad to see that thread provided as much entertainment
and post counts as it seems to have done !

nice to see you again, too. i think you were only a few months old last time we spoke,
how you've grown ~!
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God bless you. I'm sorry if I brought up sad memories. You are a wonderful daughter to have taken care of her as you did. Yes, she was lovely. I'm sure she was surrounded by love when she died, and I'm equally sure that gave her peace.
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mary anne

it's so good to see you, too. i hope things have been well in your life.
how is the writing going?

thank you for your sympathies, then & now.

(big hugs)

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jeanie g. thank you.

there is no need to apologize, i keep my mother close to me. she is apart of everything i do.
i remember her, everyday. there's no escape from the saddness of loss, but i try to celebrate her,
yes, with tears, most times, but also with laughter & every thing that is good in me because of her.

you are a kind soul.
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Blue, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmum. She sure was a beauty, thank you for sharing. It seems she had a wonderful family, and it also seems that she had, thankfully, a peaceful passing.

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BTW, we've done LOTS of "get to know you" threads, and if you'd like, here are links:

10 Things We Don't Know About You;
What was your first paying job and how old were you?;
What Do You Do For A Living?;
How Many Cats Do You Have?;
Men and their Cats!;
If Your Cat Was a Star, Who Would it Be?;
What Are You Obsessed with?;
The Wedding Thread;
The Biographies Thread;
and if you want to get caught up on who all us "new" memebers are, of course there's the Pictures! Pictures!

Lots to do!!!!!
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Wow, I think LDG (Laurie) has too much time on her hands tonight! Look at all the research she has done to bring you up to speed and to attach the appropriate links! *lol*

Welcome back blue! It's really weird but I was looking at the Pictures, Pictures thread just today and passed by your pic. Nice to finally cyber-meet you!

My name is Kass or my screen name is Russian Blue. It seems the two of us have much in common. We both have blue in our names, we're both from Canada and we both lost a parent from Cancer (my father passed away when I was 16).

I am very sorry for your loss. All I can offer is to just take one day at a time and remember that life does go on. I love writing and I found writing out my thoughts and emotions really helped me work through the loss.

Well, I'll stop now before I write a novel (I'm famous for not keeping things short!) Again, welcome back and I hope you'll find the time to drop by the site more often.

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Well, well, well. I'm glad the internet didn't go out of business before I heard from you again.

So good to see you, Kate. I bet the last 6 months haven't been easy. I know that Mom may be gone in body, but trust me, she is always around in spirit. There will be quiet times when you feel her presence for sure.

Life's just a box of kitty litter down here. Same basic ingredients, with a bit more stress mixed in. When are you getting down to business with school? I am dying to tutor you via email.

Don't be a stranger. The Alphabet thread can't hang on forever.

Love ya. Miss ya.
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Originally posted by LDG
Blue, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmum. She sure was a beauty, thank you for sharing.

thanks LDG, i just wanted to say, it was my mother that passed, though my grandma is also ill.

thanks again & thanks for all the info, that was real sweet.

i actually started that Pictures!Pictures! thread way back around the
time i first joined this site, though it seems that post is gone,
and the second one, Anne's, is now there

thank you for re-introducing me and making me feel welcome.

take care.

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hi !
i'm half-asleep but never too tired to laugh at your casual, wonderful wit, as always.

i just saw your post and wanted to say hi, after all this time,
that is the least i could do, hey?!

there is a lot to catch up on, and i can't wait to do so.
pm me that email address, ok?

i have thought of you a hundred times over, and missed you, often.
love you.

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kass, it seems we also have writing in common. i've been writing,
or rather, attempting such novelty for years

i look forward to getting to know you better.

thank you and thank everyone for your sentiments.
i miss her so much, but i feel her presence with me always.
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1 PM coming up!

As to Pictures Pictures, over time the links that many people posted their pics to were no longer in business or were no longer free sites, so many of the posts had the red x instead of the picture. I went through one day and edited out all the posts that no longer contained a picture.
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Blue....Nice to meet you.

My deepest sympathies....My mom passed away 2 years ago. I did not have the strength to stay in her room when they removed the life support. Other family members did. Some days, I really wish I had lived that last moment with her. Although she was not speaking and I would not have heard "I love you". What a precious gift for you to carry close to your heart.

I have seen your picture also! I don't think we ever met. Or maybe we have and I don't remember...

Hope you stick around....there's lots of catching up to be done.

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Hi sweetie!!!!

I just now saw this thread....I was on the phone with Deb and she told me you had posted.

Sooooooo glad to see you! I was just thinking about you the other day, wondering how you were and what you were up to.

You still have my work number I hope? Give me a call, I'd LOVE to hear from you.


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Sorry Blue! It's hard to lose a grandparent, but it's even harder to lose a parent. I'm so sorry!

...and Kassandra, it wasn't a case of having too much time on my hands. I was just doing what I would love someone to do for me if I had to "disappear" from TCS for any length of time for any reason.

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Blue! I just saw this! I am so happy to see you here again!! We miss you!!! I am also very sorry to hear about your mother. She was a very beautiful woman. I am also sorry to hear your grandmother is ill. My thoughts and prayers are with her and with you. Please saty around and post more! We love having you here with us again!!! *HUGS*
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whisker's mom nice to meet you, too. i am sorry to hear about your mother's passing.
try not to regret your decision, because it was the right one for you at that moment.
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colby !

hi you.
it's wonderful to see you, i forgot how much i missed you until right now.
unfortunately, i no longer have the address book that had your number -
it was lost somewhere when i moved.
you could pm it to me, or i could pm my number.

lots of love to you, too.

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thank you for the well wishes and support. it's nice to be back here, to see you all again.
though it won't be for 5 hours per day, anymore

how is everything going with Amber? what is life like for you now?
i hope you are all well.


no worries.

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We are just glad to have you here whenever you can get a chance! I don't have the time I used to have to be online either, but I get on when I can! Life is so busy and stressful for me these days, but I'm surviving....how are you? I really did miss you! You always add something wonderful to this site!!
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PM sent sweetie!
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