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Hi! I'm new!

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Just stumbled across this forum this morning and think I might have found a place to curl up! My name is Berleen and I live in Minnesota. I am happily owned by 3 cats: Big Boy, Serena & Oliver. Oliver is our newest kitty, only 8 months old. When he was little he had a cold and scratched his eye so he now has a scar over his eye. It looks like he's blind out of that eye, but he hasn't shown any signs of it yet! Big Boy is 2 years old and is the biggest doofus you could meet. My Serena is my little baby girl.. she's also 2 years old (only a couple months older than BB). She is probably the most spoiled one. All three of them are persians, BB is a white, Serena is a shaded silver & Oliver is a cream and white tabby. Pictures of them can be found plastered all over their page http://home.cmit.net/berleen/spoiled.htm
(You can find stuff about me & my family there too!)
I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone and talking about MY favorite subject..... anything that purrs!
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Hi, i'm new here too and also looking forward to getting to know everyone. My owner's name's Eric and he's the most loveable creature ever! looking forward to hearing more of you
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you are really going to like it here. everyone is so wonderful.
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Berleen; Darlin' sit right down here in the shade of the porch and have a nice iced Mint Julep and tell us more about you and those precious furbabies. We are happy you found us. Ever since we repaired that ole' sawmill path so many more good, feline lovin', youngsters seem to wander down our way. . . . .

(for some reason I seem to be channeling Scarlet O'Hara today)
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Hi Berleen,

You web page is great. Your babies are adorable!
It looks like you have a wonderful family.

Hi Billie, welcome to the cat site.

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Welcome to our site! I hope you'll like it here!

Your babies are adorable! (even the dog and the hamster )

Happy posting!
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Welcome Berlene!!
Your babies are beautiful. I commend you. I have an easier time grooming 9 cats than 1 persian. I was very happy to see your statment on declawing. I wish more people would get it out there!!
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Thanks everyone for the welcome! And thank you on my kitties... I am a rather proud mama! I'm still trying to talk my hubby into some more kitties, but he says "we have enough!" But thats what he said before I brought Oliver home.....hehehe.
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Hi and Welcome.
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It looks like I've found a wonderful site. A place I can read and talk about my favorite passion "Cats". I am owned by 2. The oldest is a 4 year old American Short hair, a male named Indy. Our new baby is 6 months old, a female Tonkinese platiumn blonde named Isis.So far Indy has not taken to Isis very well. A lot of hissing and growling one minute then the next their licking each other. It's been almost 2 months since Isis moved in and I never thought it would take this long for my older owner to get use to the new one. So I'll take any help I can get.

After raising 6 children I can now return to my first love, kitties! They are so spoiled!! I would love to have more but I don't think my hubby could take it! But you never know. Indy is named after Indiana Jones in Egpyt, and Isis is named after the main female goddess of Egypt :egypt: That is my second love, Egypt. After almost 27 years I can now spend time doing things I use to & love to do.

I look forword to spending a lot if "Kitty Time" here.
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Welcome Logan!

It must be wonderful being able to do what you enjoy most after raising 6 kids! I wish I would have that many kids! I think large families are great! Mind you, I'm almost 29 and still trying for the first...

Glad you joined us! I hope more people see your post and pop in to say hi. It started out as Berleen's welcome thread so maybe some people will miss it...
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Welcome, welcome and welcome! It's nice to meet all three of you!

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Berleen, Billie, & Logan!!!!!!

Thank you for joining us!!!!!!! And Berleen...Howdy neighbor....I am in Iowa!

WELCOME to all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks for the Great Welcome. I see I can spend hours here!

Anne, your kitty Gezer is a sweetheart!
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I share your love of cats! I can't have any kids so my cats are my babies. I have a 2 year old Male Ocicat, and a 4 year old Female silver persian named Haily. They are my pride and joy! I'm real happy to find this great site!
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Welcome Berleen, Billie, Logan & Lucy!

It's good to see so many new faces, hope you all have a
good time here, we're happy to have you!

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Hello and welcome to The Cat Site! I'm happy to meet you and your feline buddies!

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For the Welcome! and say Thanks too!
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Isn't this place great My kitties are my babies to, or should I say my owners :laughing2: Their great to come home to & love you no matter what, know when you don't feel well and when YOU don't want to play

It's great to meet so many new people!
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