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Sneezing after neuter?

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Well we have our 3 cats, but found a 4th upon our doorstep.

We took all of the proper quarantine solutions and found no owner of the cat, but fortunately no diseases either. No ID chip, and Milo was still in tact. We decided we will have the vet treat him for vaccines and make sure he's healthy and then foster him for a few months until my mom makes her house cat proof and ready for her new baby.

He's doing really great but has picked up a bit of a sneeze after surgery. Everything went well it just sounds a bit congested, almost like a sneeze and a cough. He goes back tomorrow for his checkup and we'll address this with the vet but I wonder if there is anything I can do for him in the meantime to make him more comfortable? I am also a little concerned about the other cats catching it but they are still working out their territories a little bit while we're socializing him with them so they still most of the time keep a distance from him.

I read someone else said in another thread "the steamy shower trick" .. Is this where you keep them with the door shut in the bathroom and have a hot shower going so the steam can clear their sinuses? I might try this but are there any other suggestions?

Thanks kindly again- you guys are always so helpful and I can't thank you enough for being here for all of us.
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Sounds like your cat may have picked up an upper resp. infection. I would def. bring it up at your appt. tommorow. If it does turn out to be a URI, you'll want him treated as soon as possible to prevent spreading it to your other kitties
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