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Cats sure are brave, don't ya think?

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Everyone always says that cats are curious. But I think they are pretty brave. The reason I say this is because I am very curious, but I am not always going to be the one to go investigate that noise that I hear, or whatever it might be in that dark corner over there. I want to know, but I would rather someone else go look for me! hehehe

But cats, they will catiously go and look at anything. Last night, one of my cats was investigating something behind my nightstand. Honestly, I didn't want to know what it was (and still don't). She was peering over the edge and intently looking! Don't know if she ever saw anything.

Another example is this self waterer that I bought for my dog. It holds 2 1/2 gallons of water. He is 140 lb doberman and drinks a lot of water. I thought this might save me some steps. BUT, the first time he was drinking out of it and it bubbled, to fill back up, he was done with it. I don't think he drank any water for a couple of days until I took it away. I could tell he was thirsty, but that just scared him too bad. Giant chicken!

So, I filled it about 1/3 full and gave it to the cats. When it first bubbled, they jumped back a bit, and then checked it out again. They use it just fine. They are brave!
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You wouldn't say that if you saw Abby's reaction when I turn on the vacuum cleaner
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
You wouldn't say that if you saw Abby's reaction when I turn on the vacuum cleaner
Exactly what I was thinking
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Vash is convinced there are invisible meanies after him
He startles so easily he frequently startles himself.
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Ok, vacuum cleaners are a different story! The are just noisy. But what about those shadows you see out of the corner of your eye, or that noise that you heard in the room that no one is in. Those are the ones that freak me out, but my kitties always go investigate.

Maybe I'm just the chicken!!
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I used to live in an apartment (the same one I found Chynna at actually). As it turns out the apartment I lived in had a very bad past. Either the previous tenant or the one before that was found dead in the apartment. Now I don't know whether he killed himself or if he was murdered.

Anyway, I didn't find that out until just before I was moving, so it didn't bother me.

However, after I did find out I started to wonder if that was why my cat was behaving weirdly sometimes. She would just sit on the floor by the hall closet and stare at one spot on the floor, and very often she wouldn't even walk near that spot and give it a wide berth.

I never did find out where the guy's body was found, but I suspect it was in that very spot in front of the hall closet.

So far as shadows and stuff go, I'm pretty brave about stuff like that. I tend to stop and think rationally and not get myself worked up over things unless there is just cause to do so.
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I don't know about ghosts and things, but Tsar is always willing to take on anything. I have a harness and lead for her so she can sit on our apartment back patio while I do homework. Otherwise she cries and paws at the door like she thinks I'M the one trapped haha. So I took her with me to get the mail the other day and we "met" two girls with a boxer and a smaller breed dog, along with one of our apartment managers who is super nice. Well the apartment lady said, "Do you have a cat?!" The little girls came RUNNING over with their dogs in tow! Tsar climbed up to my shoulders (I was already carring her because she's not a professional at walking with a harness yet) and hissed at the huge barking dog! She was so brave, and I was so proud of her!! She was totally ready to take on that HUGE dog that scared even me!! I'm pretty sure thats the first dog she's ever seen too, and she stood her ground! I told her thats why she's not allowed outside except when she's with her mommy and daddy and a harness and leash! LOL

I would definitely say they're brave!
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
You wouldn't say that if you saw Abby's reaction when I turn on the vacuum cleaner
Same here with Tiger! Although Angel won't run, just get out of its way.

I'm not afraid of the dark or anything although there was one time that it definetely sounded like someone was in our apartment and so I went out with my husband's BB gun. It looks like a real pistol but it was only loaded with BB pellets. Those things hurt though at close range! He wasn't home because of a late night shift but he laughed at my story because the mysterious sound was Angel.
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I have one of Each, Maddix must check out everything & is a great bugger hunter if one gets into the House. He is not afraid of any noise no matter how loud, even the vacuum. Mia on the other hand will run & hid if we sneeze, laugh to hard or a child is outside playing to loud. She is getting use to the dogs barking at the UPS truck or mail carrier, but only if she is on the cat tree, other wise she heads for under the bed.
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In 2001, my mom adopted her first kitten since the loss of our beloved Chavela back in 1989: a little blue tabby named Dylan. My 80-something father didn't like the idea of cats in the house, and he became obsessed with keeping Dylan off of all the tables -- by using a spraybottle. (I was not living here then, or I would've had something to say about that.)

So my father started squirting little Dylan every time he jumped up on a table. Dylan would run away, carefully bathe himself, come right back and jump up on the table again, get squirted again... etc. When my mom was around, or if I was visiting, we would put a stop to it, of course -- but left to his own devices, my father always turned to the spraybottle.

About a week into this, my father was having breakfast one day and little three-month-old Dylan managed to hoist himself up a chair and onto the kitchen table. My father squirted him, as usual -- but Dylan didn't run away. He just stood there and took it.

But my father was equally determined. He just kept squirting and scolding until poor Dylan was doused and dripping, but by golly, that little kitten looked my father in the eye and stood his ground!

My father says he had to laugh at the poor bedraggled little guy, and he finally just gave it up and accorded the proper respect for Dylan's strength of character. Papa has never squirted a kitty again!

Here's our brave Dylan Ishmael today:

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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
You wouldn't say that if you saw Abby's reaction when I turn on the vacuum cleaner
All of mine run like h--- from the vacuum cleaner except Spook, he comes right where I'm using it and plops down on his side, rolls over and waits,
I take the attachment off and I vacuum him! He loves it! Cool Cat!
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