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Fender bender

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My DH and I were driving through town earlier and traffic was stopped for a train. The train ended and traffic started moving again. I took my foot of the brake and slowly creeped forward behind everybody. Well, stupidly, at the same time I was trying to put my lighter back in my cigarette pack and didn't notice traffic had stopped again. I hit the girl in front of me and pushed her into the person in front of her. Nobody was hurt and the damage was minimal. I have no damage on my car. The cop didn't even file a police report. I've been driving for about nine years and that was my first accident. I hope that never happens again.
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Crazy how quick things happen when ya look away for a split second! Glad to hear that no one was hurt, there was no damage, and no police report!

My first accident had no police report. It was just me & my best friend, a telephone pole and a cop who owed my dad a favor already
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I'm glad everyone is O.K. You might want to have your bumper checked out, though, depending on what kind of car you have.

We had a similar thing happen when a woman slid on the slippery road and lightly bumped into our back bumper. You couldn't see any damage at all, but our insurance insisted on having it checked out and we ended up having it replaced. We were told the integrity of the bumper inside was compromised. Newer cars have styrofoam bumpers and once they are cracked even a little, the bumper offers no protection, and the next fender-bender could be very serious.

Unless you have a older car with a steel bumper, it might be worth checking into.
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Awww, that stinks. But it could have been so much worse..so I'm glad it was just a little bumper crumpler and not a serious accident
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I am glad no one was hurt. Does shake you up a bit even so.

A few years ago, I was rear ended twice in a month ! Neither my car or myself was hurt in either one. But, for a while after that I was almost afraid to drive, I felt like my car had a target on it saying "Hit me"
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