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Introducing cats

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First of all, I know there have been quite a few threads on this. But, I wanted to start one for me personally to get some good tips! So, I thank you in advance!

Ok, as some of you may know me and my bf of almost 4 years just split up. (If you don't know the story you can check out the cat lounge- title of the thread is "how to break up with a boyfriend") I brought my cat PHX with me to live at my dads. Right now, PHX is locked up in my bedroom (with all necessities of course) and I would like him to be able to roam the house if he wanted.

The problem is my dad has 2 female Australian Shephards and 1 indoor-outdoor female cat. PHX is a male part siamese cat.. PHX has been the only cat, so is probably very territorial.

Well, he has already kind of met the dogs before. My dad went out of town and I brought the two dogs over to my house. PHX walked all over those dogs! He ruled them. It was so bad that he would like trap them in a corner, and not let them leave. He would lay in front of THEIR food and water. He watched their every second. Now, that's not right. PHX shouldn't act like that! But, he was in HIS house and HIS territory.

Now, we are on THEIR territory, and THEIR house. I wonder how that will go over? To add to the matters my dad has a cat! That cat is pretty laid back and calm, roams in and out of the house as she pleases...but I'm not sure if she's territorial of her property.

So far, PHX is in the bedroom- he can only smell the other animals through the door. They keep laying outside the door to see what's going on and PHX will just keep hissing through the door. Weird cat. So, since PHX has been at my dad's he has NOT been introduced yet... this is only his second day here.

I tried taking a towel and rubbing my dad's cat with it, and then bringing it in to PHX... he acted like there was no difference. Didn't respond at all to it. Then I rubbed PHX with a towel and brought that to my dad's cat... she did the same thing. They had no response at all.

So, can someone run me through the steps of what I can do. Please remember, I do not have much money. I would try Feliway or the vanilla scent, etc. but I have no money. So please give me tips that I can do for free! hehe Thank you so much!
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Tiffany - could I just share some good articles I've got bookmarked?

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Tim Haven't seen you around in awhile? Nice to see you! Thanks for the links....off to read them now! Thanks!

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I think you've analyzed the situation correctly -- the most likely source of trouble is between your cat and the dogs, and because your cat is the new animal in the house and he's not used to being on someone else's territory. I don't have any experience introducing cats and dogs -- hopefully someone with experience will stop by this thread -- but I think some advice that applies to any situation is take it easy, go slow, and let the animals set the schedule. Good luck, and keep us posted.
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Well, I tried a couple of things today.

First I put some wet food down on both sides of the door- so that way the cats can eat near eachother. PHX kept hissing at my dad's cat. BTW: My dad's cats name is Cozmo. Cozmo just sat there and did nothing.

Then later on in the day I put my dad's animals all outside, and locked them out there. Then I opened up the door for PHX... this way he can adventure the house without the animals bothering him. he was hissing at everything!!!! He was even hissing at me.

I'll keep you updated! Thanks for the help!
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Moved to Behaviour Forum as this is a better fit.
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Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
Moved to Behaviour Forum as this is a better fit.
Oh sorry!


I have introduced PHX to the other animals. They get along OK, considering. PHX walked into that house as a very dominant cat, and ruled over those other animals in no time. The other animals keep clear away from him, as PHX definetly has control of the house. Everythings doing good, no fights!!!

If you check out my thread in the Cats and other animals forum- I posted another question in there. The title of the thread is something about Homes with both cats and dogs. You should check it out.
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That's a wonderful outcome!! You can't change a dominant cat and if he comes into a home with another dominant cat, there's going to be trouble. I'm sure glad to hear they all accepted him as top cat and so everybody's going to be happy.
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Yeah, Tim, I was really worried on how it would all work out. Luckily, it's going over a lot better then I thought it would! We are still at the stage where everyone is NOT friends, but they don't mind eachother's presence. PHX is still very weary of the other animals... so I'm still keeping him in my room at night, so he can sleep without being bothered! Plus, I love cuddling with him all night!

I can't wait for the day I come home and PHX is cuddled up to one of the dogs.

It seems like I keep moving him from house to house alot, so once I get an apartment, I promised him it would just be me and him and we won't move for a long time.

I'll definetly keep you updated. Thanks again!
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