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Kitten not eating

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Hi everyone.

As some may know my cat had 2 kittens 7 weeks ago.

Everything has been ok, but now as they shouldn't be having mums milk, i'm trying to wean them. the little boy is great and is enjoying his food, the little girl though, she won't eat any food. She has tried to eat some dry kitten food but doesn't seem able to chew it properly She has been a little bit slower with everything, she's still not properly litter trained.

She is drinking kitten milk, but I only give the cats this as complimentry.

The mum cat went to her new home today, she didn't really take to the kittens very well, throwing them around, sitting on them, biting them etc. I'm just scared now incase she doesn't start eating anything.

Any advice would be great thanks.
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Ideally, the kittens should be with mom until 10-12 weeks of age to learn kitty behaviors. 7 weeks is very young to wean. What foods have you tried?
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I understand it is young, but mum wasn't feeding them anymore, her milk ended up drying up a couple of days ago.

I have given her, natures menu, whiskas kitten, felix kitten, and whiskas dry food. She just backs away from the bowl, I've tried putting it on my finger and letting her lick, but she won't. I just tried some tuna there, but still no luck. I may try tiny pieces of chicken tomorrow. I'm wondering whether I should buy formula to top her up for a while.
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Definately get some formula & a bottle. Are you in the UK? Locations change what's avaliable...

I'd opt for some fishy foods. The smeel often gets the kitties. Try putting some on your finger & swiping it in her mouth....or is that what you already tried?
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Yep in the uk

I'll get some formula, I tried that with the tuna, putting it in her mouth but she got very distressed and I didn't want to scare the little thing. She's very small for her age, I think she was probably pre-mature.

Thanks for your help
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