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Help with my Persian

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Hi there ,

I'm very new here and have a problem with my newly rescued Persian . I got him from the pound , he's 2 years old and gorgeous . I'll attach a pic .

Anyway , He was fine using the litter box till 3 weeks after I got him . Now, he wants to use my furniture and such . I took him to the vet and they said that he had NO parasites , initially . When I called back and gave them a stool sample , they tested it for parasites AGAIN.......I think it's either a bad infection or maybe Irritable Bowel Syndrome ?

I've raised cats all my life , but NEVER had this problem.....Is this a common thing with Persians ?

PLEASE HELP , I can't put him down , he's such a wonderful cat !

And , he's beautiful !
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Welcome Rebecca. I'm sorry such a problem has brought you to us. Have you asked your vet to run the tests for a UTI or IBS? Obviously you know that having medical problems ruled out is the first step since you've been to the vet, but if they haven't checked for this they should.

Here is a link to a thread that has a TON of things you can try to work with your kitty. Inappropriate Peeing Problems There are so many things you can work if the medical side is ruled out. This generally can be dealt with with some patience and persistency on your part.

I'm going to move your question to the Behavior forum where our experts can help you out some more.
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Persians need to have their bottoms fur trimmed. On occation, OK more than occationally, they have "STUFF" stick to their fur. This can be deposited around the house as it pulls free from the fur. Here is a picture of one of my Persians!
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Your gonna give me a heart attack by posting such statments!

This is a problem that any breed of cat can run into. It itself, is common, putting him down probably shouldn't even be a concern of yours right now, MOST of the time, that's not the only answer, there are many ways to help a cat, and yourself in a situation like this.
And don't let ANY vet tell you "just let him live outside."

There is a wealth of information on this all over the internet, do a yahoo search for litterbox habits.

Good luck!

Originally posted by Rebecca P.

I've raised cats all my life , but NEVER had this problem.....Is this a common thing with Persians ?

PLEASE HELP , I can't put him down , he's such a wonderful cat !

And , he's beautiful !
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basically you are looking at something wrong with your cat or there is something wrong with where you want your cat to go relieve himself. Ask yourself is the litterbox clean? Do you scrub it out daily, is there to much litter? Not enough litter? Is it in a private area? Should it be bigger? Should it have a cover?

Cats are fastidious creatures and they will use a litterbox unless something is wrong. It is up to you as the cat owner to find out what is wrong, and if your vet is not helpful, then find another vet. A fecal will not show crystals, the cat could have crystals. This is not a reason to put a cat to sleep. It is a puzzle you need to solve, and you need the patience and the knowledge to solve it.
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Hi there all ,

Firstly , please allow me to THANK each and everyone of you for the replies . And for being so warm and welcoming !
I'll reply to each in the order in which they came , ok ?

HISSY: At first I had a covered pan that was kinda old . I replaced it with a pan that is NOT covered . So , far so good ! *Shhhh* Don't let Bentley hear.....*LOL*
The only thing the Vet did was check for Parasites. I told him about Crystals and mabe the possibility of IBS or UTI . He didn't seem to want to listen . So........off we go to another Vet indeed !

Angelz00: I will NOT have him put down . I am doing everything possible to avoid this . The only reason I mentioned it was because someone else told me that once they urinate and deficate on furniture , the only thing to do is just that......Freaked me out too ! *shudders* And I'd never just turn a kitty outside to roam , all of the above is just inconceivable in my book !

Dragonlady: Yes , I know and I give him a "Sanitary cut" on his lil hiney to keep him clean . I do keep him well groomed and the litter box as pristeen as one can .

valanhb: Yes , I did ask , but me thinks I intimidated the Dr. , so he's going to another vet in the morning .
Can't have a Vet like that , ya know ?

Anyway folks , I've another issue that's pressing me right now. My eldest kitty , He's 14 , has somehow broken several bones in his left rear leg .
He got out about a week ago and ran across the street , came home limping . They think he must have broken it running into a hole or something , He was running at the speed of light ! I didn't think the dude still had it in him , but obviously , he does ! I waited on the steps for him to make sure that he did not get hit by a car . I'll stop whoever is in the way BODILY if need be . I just lost my precious Maryann to a car 3 months ago . This is why I've adopted Bentley . Anyway , Rogers' at the Vet now and I have to call to check on him .

Talk about the proverbial "When it rains it pours" !!!!

Thanks SOOOO much again , I'll keep ya'll posted......

Rebecca P.
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We all love to share out thoughts and experiences with others! I look forward to hearing how things are working out.
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My kitty Rockford who is currently living with my boyfriend's sister had crystals. Please have your cat checked for crystals since they cause a blockage and if left untreated can be life threatening.
Rockford never once missed the litter box until he developed crystals in his bladder.
Please have this checked too.

Rockford is doing perfect after his crystals treatment.
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