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Favorite Kitten Foods...

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Hey all,

I just adopted a runty barn kitten and I was wondering what everyone here feeds their cats. I'm a vet student very interested in Nutrition, but canine nutrition is barely covered, and feline nutrition barely mentioned...

I bought Purina Pro plan canned and Royal Canin baby cat for my recent addition. She was being fed Innova EVO at the farm (free food to vet students) but I don't think EVO is an appropriate diet for puppies, so I didn't figure it was a good choice for kittens either...

So how did I do? What do you feed your own cats?
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EVO is actually FAR FAR better than pro plan and RC in ingrediants .. RC gets kudos for the before 4 month formula by me for size shape and ease of chewing ... Being a very rich food about 50% of cats dont handle EVO but we have LOTS of grain frees to choose from

Do a quick search on here and youll see VARING opinions of GOOD , GREAT and " the BEST ... NO one food works for all and so far NO cat food is perfect but

My basic criteria

NO animal by products( head ft intestines blood ) ( liver in a dry is not great but I will accept

I look for NO grd corn ( corn gluten is fine as it aids chn in Uti health ) if corn is present I like it not in the top 6 , no corn and corn gluten in the same formula

Low grains ... ie two meats max three grains/ grain like legumes / starches ... two meat one grain is ideal but not easy to find


NO artificial flavors or colors ( natural foods are varing shades of brown NOT green yellow red or purple

Prefer no wheat or soy ( not a big issue if not allergy prone)


My Zoey eats Natural choice and Orijen both dry

My dog eats wellness core dry and nutro canned and homemade
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My favorite food for kittens is Ckn Soup for the Kitten Lover's Soul. I think it delivers good quality for the money but my babies stools are unbearable odor so I'm trying to get them back onto Wellness. I think Wellness is a good food but may be too rich...very upset tummies happened last time, so I'm going to go VERY slow this time. I also looked into EVO but I don't think my girls are big fans of turkey.
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